Level 25 Alliance looking for loyal actives.

Hi, Ovoneus here, leader of Angelic.

It seems like 2/3rds of our alliance is very active and dedicated, but we’re having a lot of trouble filling the other 1/3rd of the alliance. If you’re as active and as fun-loving as we are, we’d love to have you! (:

Our requirements:

2,500+ trophies

50k+ donations

Anything below will still be accepted (because something is always better than nothing!) but you may find yourself in danger as we face stronger and stronger alliances

What we have to offer:

  • We seem to have a 2:1 win:lose ratio in wars (because you can’t win 'em all), so we have the war boosts activated quite often.

  • Whenever we don’t have war boosts active, I personally buy us 1 Storm Cannon boost each day from 5:00pm to 11:00pm CT

  • 30% gold boost

  • A friendly environment! (: We give advice, test each others’ bases, and even pick on each other from time to time. For example, someone once pointed out that my base looks like a scrotum, and so everyone kept asking me “Hey Ovo, is your path longer than most?~ ;D”

If you have any stipulations, feel free to ask (: We have plenty of room, so I’m sure we can make accommodations.