level 31 spender looking for top alliances

just started monday, my alliance is boring and broke, looking for an alliance that requires spending

also 18+ preferred I have a potty mouth

Hi  THESchaff,

Welcome to the epic adventure of Olympus !

I’m  officer in the War gods team. You should introduce yourself on our recruitment topic : 

Your profile could match with ours, check the last update on our topic and feel free to join us on our LINE chat :grinning:



send me a message on line  my id is squills  we also have a few splenders and currenlty our 4-5th day. were rank 14 and alliance level … not sure but 24 members… message me


Hi there, 

You are more than welcome to join Elite crew or Elite crew 2. We are very active and friendly alliance. 

Just send request and we will accept. 




HI, i am RED5 the general of RED SQUADRON.

we currently have 10 spaces available for active players willing to donate to help grow the alliance and keep our blessings active. If you fit that bill please feel free to apply. 


Line id: deegan989 

feel free to contact me on line as well if you have any questions