Level 32 but has HYDRA units

Hi guys, look at the picture, how is it possible that a level 32 player has hydra units? I was stunned when my kid brother showed me the picture.

So he levels up his heroes but barely levels up his buildings?

So maybe he only levels up the heroes temple and the shrine of power for his heroes?

Might even not be leveling up heroes temple a lot … most heroes you free with dominance. So technically, you make an account, every day just log in to collect the very little dominance of the starting islands, and in due time … a very long due time … you could find yourself with all heroes unlocked save for Artemis while still be at a very low level, both you and your heroes. And with several gems obtained by the daily chests (over long time).

Then ofc if you want to unlock the monster islands you’ll have to raise heroes and powers a bit, but if you use a crapload of gems for freeing the islands maybe not even that much.


Yeah, the conquer island option using gems. So I guess this player has a shitload of gems.

Doesn’t need that much of gems I guess, if he played so long, the daily chest may provide enough gems, especially the gem chests in about every 7 days.

Yeah I guess that makes sense. I checked out their alliance, all of them are in the 30s level except one but they all have Hydra and Cyclops units. 

They all may even be alts. Would explain the situation too, the guy is simply running many accs, hence the lower level. The time consumption of such initiative is ludicrous indeed.

Wouldn’t he need many phones for many accounts?

Nope, there is a way to make multiple accounts on a single device. Now, it is surely a grind, but some people somehow find time for that.

Oh, I did not think that was possible, I guess most people have alternate accounts especially the ones having levels 90+ since the upgrades would take days by then, lol.