Level 36 king, 1k trophies, 50k donate. Looking for alliance.

Level 36 king very active with 1k trophies and can donate 50k (possibly 75k soon). Looking for an alliance that can provide some sort of elite boost (blazing knights would alredy be great)

you are welcome to  join my alliance   Elite Fr.

The Snapes

{RW}Rising Warhearts

PowerRespect (if still active)

Castleblack Inc. We placed 2nd in last 2 Seasons. James the anoited .

You can join my alliance Little HUNS. we have permanent blazing knights boost. Your King level is bit low for our requirements so you will have to grow quickly to become useful in war. 

Can join my alliance. 4corners of Earth –

{ Veep }

Eternal Billzard

buff blazing knight 24/24

4corners of earth 

Join our Alliance!  We are extremely active in wars and depend on reliable donations. Fun team, very vocal, and share strategy. 

Current Stats:

Alliance Level - 21

Rank: 1241

Active Elite Boots: 6 (3 continuous)

Past 3 War History: Sudden Skirmish - 2nd Place; Cruel Cannons - 1st Place; Otherworld Portals - 1st Place

Current War Standing: 2nd Place

We’re committed, competitive, and collaborative. Come Join Us  :wink:

{ Veep }