Level 39, 1771 Trophies looking for better alliance

Currently in an alliance but it’s not very active, looking for more active alliance that doesn’t require gem donations.

Furry Paws, level 9. Active, casual. No gem donations required. I have sent an invite if you are inclined.

HI, i am RED5 the general of RED SQUADRON.

we currently have 10 spaces available for active players willing to donate to help grow the alliance and keep our blessings active. If you fit that bill please feel free to apply. 


Line id: deegan989 

feel free to contact me on line as well if you have any questions






Hey RED5, was wondering if that offer was still open, tried applying a few times but no response.  Thanks!


Hi there I am the general of Blue Line ranked 9-11 depending on the day. We have two open spots, only catch is we are gem spenders and require donations to be part of the alliance. Fair part is that everyone on the alliance does it and they donate the same amount so its fair. No one carries us we work as a group and have active Line chat.


Line id cmilliorn if interested