Level 5 alliance, soon to be level 6, seeking friendly active players!

Seeking kind, mature, friendly and active players for an up-and-coming alliance. I’ve Gemmed my alliance castle to level 7 and I will have the alliance to level 6 by the end of the day today! We are a new alliance and we only have 3 rules. 1. Be active (this means playing at least 2 hours a week). 2. Be friendly and a good ambassador for our alliance. 3. Donate! Donations allow the alliance to grow, but more importantly it gives us the gold needed to keep troops boosted!

As the leader of Golem Kings I promise to be on often, to donate as much as the game will allow, and boost troops as much as possible! Boosted troops are the best reason to be in an alliance as they can make your attacks up to 30% stronger. I also promise that if you become a member, stay active, be a good ambassador, and donate, you will never be kicked, EVER!

We also encourage families and young people to join. We do not allow swearing, cussing or abuse of members or other players. We want to be a clan that is built of trust, kindness, and integrity. We want members that are seeking a home and a team that is in it for the long run!!!

So come on in, make yourself comfortable, and start enjoying the benefits of being in a strong, growing, and stable alliance!

I might not be the leader but I recommend also saying to no to elite boost, but should be voted upon because the gold is needed to level up your guild. Good idea, yes, no, maybe so?