Level 65 to 80 is the state of having medal crisis

I have three accounts including this one. I left my two accounts and both were level 74 or 76+. The thing is when I played in my first account I faced a medal crisis during level 71 and in my second account the crisis started after 70. And in this account I started facing the crisis after level 71 and is going on. Please let me know if Flare had already decided that players will be in this state during level 65 to level 80. I’m having 8 or 11 gems in my storage from 1 shitty month


[medal crisis=27 medals per attack]

Wow people have lack to search its crazy :blink: cannot be more big than that in the yellow section write SEARCH when you write Medals look what I found :

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what more topic about medals :blink: its crazy when you search

I stop here I can give you more topic but I think its enough. first start to read all of this and if after you keep don’t understand how medals work or understand some tricks maybe people can answer you here.

Hi shindoo, yes Flare decided to give mid level players only minimum medals (they slowly rise with king level) most of the time.
It will end at about level 85+ or 3500-3700 tropies. Just read the first thread from above.

Yes…have to wait now till 85


@ warriornator,. Probably more appropriate to answer question and also guide a newer member on how search is useful as well.    Just my 2 cents since u could be a future mod again.   

if you look in his profile he is registered since February its not really a new members :slight_smile: technically and I don’t see what I can say more than go in yellow section in the Search bar in the right corner and write your word Medals when you select by Topic and I give him all topics about Medals. I prefer don’t answer if I don’t know the answer right? If I am not sure I said nothing and let the others answer

Ok.  No worries

Warriornator is already too kind for my taste… He’s not a mod anymore, yet he still bothers giving those links. He could just said go use search function to those lazy complainers who just come to complain without even trying to use search function… Btw, did flare really strip your mod status @Warriornator ? so you lose against the masses :wink: