Level 75 Donate 75k looking for alliance

I am very active and i am looking for an alliance. i donate 75k and i am active in war season.

if you are interested you can join my alliance nightmare123… it is a level 18 alliance…

List of alliances you can join if they have room (maybe upgrade to 100k when you can)


{RW}Raging Warhearts

Genie and Master (we are currently doing 2 alliances but the second one is full)


Warrior Assassins

I will join an alliance after the war season. The reason is that my alliance is removing players who only donate 75k and replacing them with people donating 150k. i am not a paying player so its hard to upgrade my alliance tower. 

do you know fabolon, the leader of utopia?

Thanks for the list, it had some good alliances. Warrior assasins and gold diggers are full unfortunately. could not find raging warhearts and royal empire. sent a friend request to leader of genie and master  king chole

I will look for the alliance

{RW}Raging Warhearts needs a player for the war and you fit the bill nicely

You have to type the “{RW}” part

or just find player called Sampe1

i’m the leader of warhearts.

we are hoping you can join before war!



(btw, we have knights, barricades, wolf, ogres booster + war boosts… at least :grinning:

sampe1 you send me a request before war. i join you. else i will join after war season

whas your in-game name? i had 2 friend requests, accepted them both… after figured out some problems my device had,

after throwing out from game when pressing accept button… :slightly_frowning_face:

so i accepted you. just say hi! :slight_smile:

and we have some requirements, like 75k donations & 2500 trophies… last week it was 50k & 2k…

so we can figure those things out. don’t worry. just be active in our alliance chat, then you we’ll see… :grinning:

no need to worry about anything, anytime, anymore. welcome to Warhearts!! :wink:

You joined Warhearts then left very shortly after war started. Then joined a much higher team ranked 97th. Were you reluctant to give your IGN for a reason?

i am not reluctant to give my ign. i joined warhearts and my account was hacked. i got it back 2 days ago (thanks to flaregames). the alliance ranked 97th you are talking about is my previous alliance. then i had a choice join you or stay without alliance. dont get me wrong i like your alliance but its very confusing like its subdivided into parts(i wont discuss your alliance policy here). Not everyone is welcoming in your alliance. so i stayed without alliance. i dont bother in an alliance and i dont like to be responsible to anyone. i just come, i fight in war seasons and i donate on time.

Black mamba apply for alliance LE lions… We need players like u.

Alliance level 30



 Thanks for the offer. Already joined an alliance. if in the future i need an alliance, i will let you know.

No problem… Send me a frnd request black mamba.

ING- Shekhar the great