Level 75 | donation 100k


My king level 75, I am in need of an active  English alliance. I have been in the last alliance since I was level ~35 but it gradually became very inactive since couple of last season’s. I will do 10/10 battles in war (~3500 skulls), I will do all wars. I am also looking to upgrade my alliance tower in the near future.


Boosts (24/7): blazing knights, storm cannon.

The alliance should be active, both in chat and in wars (important)

The alliance should be within 400 rank and I prefer a big group to stay with as well.

IGN: Syed Ahmed1


You can try Genie and Master if you want. We have a two teams system that will be explained to you if you join, so war season much of a worry for us. We’re extremely active and talkative. We’re indeed on top 400. Blazing Knight is definitely 24/7, Storm Cannon is not but we activate that one too sometimes with another wanted boost. If you’re interested you can send me a friend request and we’ll chat to tell you a lot of more stuff… My IGN is Krman

Well, I did applied to Genie and Masters after talking to one of your generals and I was told to apply and see what happens, unfortunately my application was rejected and now I am settled in a new allaince. But still thanks for replying.


I am settled in  Little HUNS . Thank you for those who may have considered me in future. Cheers.

Syed Ahmed1


You are welcome in Allegiant :slight_smile: we are just under 400 as you intended. We give knights 24/7 but cannon only during wars. Free free to contact me if you need a team in future.

IGN : Titanka10