Level 80 king looking for alliance

Hello everybody I’m looking for an alliance that supports the following boosts: - Tough barricade (at least level 3 for fire resistance) - Blazing knights (any level is fine) My informations: IGN: Haerion II King level: 80 Trophies range: 3100 - 3250 Alliance tower level: 500K I always do my daily donation and i guarantee 3000+ skulls per war.

Gods of Destiny, we are lvl 41

we run: blazing knight 8/8, tough barricade 4/4, ogre 3/3, cannons sometimes.

Can you reach 3.5k trophies?

Send a Request to —> Age of the Gods !


Will Take Care of You Until you Reach the Trophy Requirement of Gods Of Destiny !

We are a Strong Willed Alliance , Will Prepare you for a Tougher Battle on ahead


I think I can reach the 3500 trophies but I don’t know when. I’m stuck in the same trophy range for several weeks now.

If you think I can help your alliance I will be glad to join it.

In all cases, thank you for your proposition (by the way I like your work on Youtube and Wikia) :slight_smile:


Thank you for your proposition but I prefer the oPelle’s one because I’m searching for an alliance which is stronger than my current alliance.

I hope you will understand.

But again thank you for your proposition :slight_smile:

Would you mind to join the alliance as soon as the war finishes (2 day left) ? So then you can see in first person how do you feel into the alliance ^^

No problem, I will send you a request after the end of the current war season :grinning:

Vhott if u don’t like oPelle Alliance you are welcome to join us (Rising Warriors) :slight_smile:

Off war: knight 8/8 archer5/5 barricade4/4

At war we active ogre+wolf

Our member are working as a team and very friendly +loyal

My ign: fire1964

You could join The Snapes just for keks XD.

@Fire1264 Thank you for your proposition but in the case I don’t feel at home in oPelle alliance (I hope it won’t happen) I already have a proposition from Shadow Fall alliance. So you are third on the list :slight_smile:

Genie and Master is also an option for you, you can take us in consideration someday.


HUNS alliance is recruiting after the war season is over. You can consider us.



D: I guess you got me. XD

Try us! Try us! 

Dark Pegasus Alliance.


24/7 elite boosts:

  • Blazing Knight

  • Power Archer, 

  • Tough Barricade


Storm Cannon during war, soon to be 24/7


IGN: Soduer

since you already have tons of request, i’m just here as for last resort…


Burninator is lv55, we have 9/9 elite knights, 5/5 ogre 5/5 wolf and tough barricade


but you also need to raise your trophies to 3500+


we can provide suggestions on base design and a good chatting everytime

Warrior assassins. We keep knights boosted and tough barricades. Looking for good strong active members.

Eternal Billzard

buff blazing knight 24/24

you can become a general