Level 83, 10.8k Leadership. Offense Help.

Hi everyone, I apologize if this has been asked before. I promise that I did look! I’m level 83, 4,060kish trophies and my leadership is 10,808k. My sonic blast is maxed, shield is maxed and blade storm is almost maxed. I’m now working on Blizzard after watching YouTube videos.

I’m at that crossroads where its getting difficult to win. I know a lot is based on skill and I’m getting better but I’m not sure I’m upgrading the right offense combos.

For soldiers I have been using arblasters (maxed), cannons (lvl 5, I only started using them recently) and a mix between paladins (maxed by tonight after update), mummies (to tank and also maxed) and pyros occasionally (lvl 5).

What am I doing wrong? My alliance only boost barricades off season and during wars I get many offense boost.

My defense is okay so that’s not my current issue.

Any ideas? What did you do at my level and leadership?

Thank you so much for any suggestions.

Hi adam

Im lv 83

Leadership 8k++


I use mummy wolf knight

Sometimes ogre knight wolf

SB maxed ,blizard , swordrain

Gonna replace swordrain to shield but now still upgrading blizzard

Hope that help u

Thank you, 11.4k leadership now.

Hi Adam,


You are so lucky For level 83 king your leadership is soo much… I am a level 88 king and i have only 10.4k leadership And i have around 4.7k Trophys ATM.

I have maxed Sonic blast and shield and blizzard And i am comfortable in offence at this level. 


Its strange that you are struggling in offence with such a great leadership.Looks like you need to change your troop selection. Try these combos


  1. Power archer + elite knight+ Mummy


2. Power archer + elite knight+ wolf(boosted)


  1. Elite knight + Elite Mummy+ Elite Wolf


4.Power archer + Elite Mummy+ Elite Wolf


Also try equip your hero with the some scream boost gear So that you can gather your troops more often


Try equip windboots so that you can use touch and go strategy with the sonic blast



Yeah, im lv 84 now with only 8200leadership :slightly_frowning_face:

Lucky adam

Join HUNS, Adam, if you have 150k+ donation. We’ll get you to top battling shape in no time, but it’s hard to fully describe in a single forum post how to be an efficient raider.


Alliance makes a difference, too, because max elite boost is much stronger than mid-level elite boost. 


By the way, I have 9800 Leadership and I can beat almost everyone from rank 400 down. It’s not the Leadership that matters, but the technique. :slight_smile:

I can’t leave my alliance in the middle of a war. If you want to send me an invite after the war season that be great. My donation is 250k with 21 million invested in my current alliance.

Adam World Ruler is my nickname.

lvl 83, leadership arround 8.5k spell combo : max sonic, max sword, heal lvl 12 troop combo : max archer with boost, max arb with boost, froster (forgot the lvl) trophy arround 3900… i feel the same thing with you, the game is getting difficult to win. (cant win over than 200 medals in single raid, stuck in bronze league for eternity) that why i uninstalling this game and stop playing this game since 2 days ago. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Ganesh…what is to your ign…if you donate more than 150k…you are invited to join India alliance…we will help you with your Base and attack strategies

Hi all,


“Always search the root target” in everything.


The high Leadership gives you the opportunity to produce and sustain huge offense armies. But what is the effectiveness of a huge army on a very narrow road to the castle?.. Most of the troops just get clogged in the tail, doing nothing, cause they are out of range and far away from the active front.

High leadership is only significant if you need to use expensive troops combos which includes Mummies, Wolves and Ogres. But these are not ranged troops, so they are useless on the choke points or against adjacent lanes. Therefore, you usually need to combine them with cheap effective range troops like arbs/archers, frosters/pyros, cannons etc. What brings us back to the jamming on the narrow roads.

Eventually, the effectiveness of high leadership is lost here.

One word must be said here about different raiding techniques. In some situations against certain bases, you use combos of non-ranged troops, like knights/paladins. There, huge clumsy armies is the only thing needed to win.


Adam, you were asking what’s going wrong in offense, despite of your high leadership. So, this is probably what’s going wrong there.


I suggest looking at the root target:

Q: Why are you raiding (excluding wartimes)?

A: To get gold…


Therefore, your target is not winning, glory, trophies, position, rank and all the rest of the Ego stuff (some will disagree with me at this point). Your target is gold for upgrades. You need to max the gold you earn from each raid.

The best way to max your gold is by using gold boosting equipment.

For example, my king wears gold boosting equipment giving around +80%gold. Combined with the alliance gold boost it’s more than +110% in total. It equals to double the amount of regular gold % won raids.

But there is a disadvantage here - you have less Leadership, scream and speed boosts. So, you need to learn good raiding techniques to complete.


When fighting the seasons, the target is different, you need to win only. Gold does not matter. For example, my king has a second set of outfits for this. The difference in Leadership between my both sets of outfits is 1,500…


Surprisingly, with this 1,500 leadership addition, the ability to beat high rate bases is increased only just a little bit… Probably because of the clogging and jamming problem discussed above. So, most of the time I continue using the gold equipment.





Hi Adam.


Your main priority is to max Blizzard. Spend gems to speed upgrade if you have it.


Your second main priority is to max your Alliance Tower. With a max Alliance Tower, you’ll get more invites from top alliance that have 24/7 elite offensive boost which you currently DO NOT have and that is why you’re struggling with offense.


These two are the most important thing focus on right now.


He’s in my alliance now :wink:

Blookie, you are an excellent recruiter! HUNS is a very good choice for any player. :slight_smile:

Thank you all for the great advice, it was very helpful. I ended up joining HUNS and caught up on gameplay. I’m now level 87 and its difficult to stay away from 4600 trophies. Lol

The biggest change was switching to a knight, ogre and wolf strategy while being boosted under these offenses. Also increasing my scream to around 60% helped. I had the stats to move up quick once I got this down. Now I’m dropping 500 to 900 medal bases.

Leadership dropped from over 11k to 9.3k, but it wasn’t a huge noticeable difference.

Thank you again everyone.

You have better stats than mine and i lv 87 too recently up to 4700 thropy :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol…better strategy, follow flare’s advice and new updates… Scroll scroll…and buy gems hahah