Level 83 King, 3300+ trophies, 250K donation, Super active

Level 83 King, 3300+ trophies (highest = 3700+) and 250K donation looking for an active alliance that supports the following boosts at least:


a. Knights

b. Archers

c. Barricades

d. Cannons

e. Optional


Daily donations and 3000+ skulls on every war tile is GUARANTEED.

Check out Genie and Master. I am sure you feel at home. We have 24*7 knights ,archers. During Wars 24*7, the above mentioned+ barricade and canons. Do visit us once. :slight_smile:

you’re a general in SPELL FORCE… ryt? Noviarious will miss you… :slight_smile:

I’ve played a war season with you guys…probably 2 months ago…we lost to dominion and (cant recall the other 1) then most members quit the alliance…and you…youngswizz and the lvl 90 + dude…was left…so i had no choice but to leave… 


yeah i remember your ign! Spell Force has come a long way from there… our highest rank touched 140 a couple of wars ago

the last one was not so good for us though

If your still looking I invite you to visit Northern Killers were a growing Alliance with Many Active members who love to chat we offer many boosts we are looking for active high level kings and queens to help us achieve our goal which is to become the best please atleast visit we would love to have you

mI would like to apologize I am new at this forum this g and my phone has that auto spell. I would like to make a correction the alliance name is Northern Killaz

If u like I can make room for u our member are very friendly and loyal Our boost are

Off war knight 8/8 archer 5/5 barricade 4/4 max LVL

At war : ogre will be active if hard wolf + other boost will be active if needed reason why we do this cause we plan to go to LVL 55 without losing boost

Our main ally name are : Rising Warriors LVL 41 <<< this it where i plan to put u in

Alt ally name: {RW} Rasing Warhearts LVL 29. {RW} Rising Warhearts LVL 15

Sorry one more my in game name are: fire1964 if u have any question u can add me in ur friend list and we talk :slight_smile:




Thanks for considering me guys, I joined a new alliance yesterday! I do hope i get a chance to join you in future! \m/