level 86,looking for alliance


king level is 86

very active player

donation 100k

Need a boosted alliance,where there is active boost 24 hours

(canon and barricade/orge/paladin is preferred)

U need to have alliance tower lvl10 to enjoy those boost 24/7.boost as u mention are expensive.dont think much alliance will accept u with the donation of 100k

The smartest thing is not to look for permanent boosts, but for a team where you feel comfortable and where they help you to improve and realy enjoy the game.

Let me tell you about my alliance. We help all players to improve and make sure they all feel comfortable. That’s why you will always see a lot of members chat and I can tell you most of them are very loyal.

We only keep knights 24/7 guaranteed as a boost, for the rest we see what to use during war season time. My team doesn’t care for individual trophies, we don’t plan to be on top of the leaderboard as individuals and also not as a team, we play for fun and enjoy the game like it should be. So what’s the point of keeping tough barricades active? That we get raided and lose some trophies and gold doesn’t care for us, gold we can find enough and trophies are only for show in our case. The gold your team saves by only activating certain boosts on specific times (war season) can be used to help the team grow.

During war season we activate tough barricades for sure and maybe storm cannons or archers. I said maybe for a reason, we most times have war boosts and they are already helping during the season, so why waste a lot of alliance gold that we can use for getting more members. When there are good season boosts, we at least boost that troop (like archers last two seasons).

Having level 86 you should not need paladin boosts at all any longer. At that point some of your spells or troops should be strong enough to whipe a complete army of holy paladins out. They are weak to poison plus ice, so frosters and mummy for example will do the job already for example. Having blizzard maxed also will do the job.

In our team we play cash free, that’s why we ask a minimum donation and intention to get a better one. We even don’t need to ask our members, they do it out of free will, since they understand we all benefit from it.


Alli 42! Is looking for new Members!

we are active in alli war Season!

hope to See you

One piece143 alliance level 27 , Gold bonus 30% , position 470 , if you want enter in my alliance


For The People] welcomes you. Apply to join us or add me. In game name :  Lectree

you could join us “Allegiant” we are happy to go family :slight_smile: we do offer boost but will not be able to fulfill all of your boost. We are level 26 now and growing. If you improve your donation i would be happy to give you the boost you want.


We’ll take you! Very active alliance, great friendly members, HIGH donaters that spend real cash often! Boosted 24 hours a day even when not at war! Only 2 rules, donate daily and fight ALL war battles or get booted! 

If interested, ask to join! 

wow nice team

Is a GREAT team with AWESOME members! we have a ton of fun, joke around, do little contests, just have a great time! Our members really make this game fun! We just don’t like slackers that want the boosts but don’t wanna put in any effort, we’re not just an alliance, we’re a family of revolt loving kings! 

okay :wink:

We have 24/7 knights. Apply to Colors of Hawaii 2.