Level 90+ players searching a new team!!

We are a bunch of high level players looking for a new alliance to join (as a merger). We need a good active alliance who will be active and motivated in war season. You can contact me if you want to discuss more -

my ign - Titanka

level 99

donation 750k

boost - blazing knights 24/7

(others players are to in similar level range with donation ranging from 150k to 750k)

Join SoCal.

You can add me KK Star as a friend.


if you guys need a whole team join [DARK KNIGHTS] 
we are level 26 and are empty but we just losing this war but if you come we fight next war 
IGN : Darren795
open base


i add you in game


We will take 30 of you in [DARK KNIGHTS] 
And The rest in Warrior Assassins
Out of the 30 i will promote you and any 8 or if you need more to be promoted

Hope to see here Titanka10  :slight_smile:

Hi Titanka, 

the TITANS are waiting for you.




I am the leader of Little HUNS and I am interested in merger with your alliance. We are are a level 45 alliance and we keep 6 permanent boosts including blazing knights. I can probably make space for around 10-12 of you after war season. Contact me if you are interested and and we can discuss the details.  

Modern warriors vip

Contact: queen of the revolt

Let’s talk!


or he and everyone of his members can join [DARK KNIGHTS] and 10 players that he wants to general will be promoted and any boost they want they get

Modern warriors vip

Contact: queen of the revolt

Let’s talk!


Fri3nd request sent, we have room for all of you, cleaning house :grinning:

 6 permanent boosts plus 3 war rewards :grinning:

 2 rules for our alliance,  donate everyday and fight all.war battles not just min 3 or get booted

Hope to hear from you soon!


IGN : Darren795

We can take all of you and if you don’t like the team we got bigger and better teams