Level-exclusive levels

To clarify, I’m talking about tower/troop levels that are exclusive to hero level.

This is suggestion will be meant to reward high-level kings for playing so hard.

First of all, what’s already being done to help high-level kings? All that’s being done, is that scrolls get stronger. However, that only affects offense. Plus you took the liberty of making them more expensive, so it’s really not of any help -__-

I want there to be a reward of defense as well. I’ve never heard of a game where someone who’s Lv.90 can defeat someone who’s Lv.120. So, my proposal:

With every level-up of the king, his troops, his towers, himself, and his spells, increase by 1%.

What would this do?

Virtually nothing. Assuming that two kings are the same level, the increases in Atk and HP would cancel out, resulting in no change.

However, whenever you had, say… A Lv.90 vs. A Lv.120… There’s a 30% difference there. So the Lv.120 would be rewarded.


Well, right now, the system is designed to /punish/ players who level up. Bleed more skulls, need more food, etc. Ergo, players are encouraged to battle as /rarely/ as possible, whereas you want them battling as /much/ as possible.

In other words… If you were to properly reward players for leveling up, then they would play more, champion more, and buy more food. Whereas right now they avoid food like it’s the plague. Makes the game more rewarding, which brings you more business.

Or, additionally (and this was actually my original idea), much as different items only open up at high levels, have new troop/tower levels open up at high levels.