Level Madness / The Gap to VL

So, a few days after the update Vanguard Alliance is at level 79. It will be 80 soon, as their leader said.

In my opinon, there is no better way to prove how insane these ten additional levels are for the game.

If VL wanted to make a statement they are the richest alliance, then: Well done, mission accomplished: You are indeed the richest! (But only that)
All other big groups will need months or years to achieve max Alliance-Level. Not even mentioning the smaller ones who do not have a chance of achieving a boost for Viking and Basilisk towers in a foreseeable future. Why not introduce those boosts, maybe a not so high one to lower alliance levels? It might prevent a bit of boost-jumping too.

We have already heard demands by VL players to add additional beast levels. I understand, at the moment the situation is unsatisfying for them. They collect more pals and can not spend them as they reached maximum beast level already. Which other groups didn’t. So lets say more beast levels were introduced… What happens? Right! They will be maximized again in an instant. This is no answer and will only add additional strength to their groups.

Where is this leading to? Even stronger bases for VL and similar groups. Which apparently is their only mission, as it seems to me from other discussions here. The game used to be somehow balanced. There was a fair chance to beat Top Groups’ players from smaller alliances. But the gap and the advantages for FGs “Elite Customers” in those Top Alliances is getting too big.

I realize it is essential to have goals in this game where beating high players is an important one. But right now it seems to be more and more important in which alliance players are, not necessairily what their strength or skill in Defense-building is. This is another bad development for the game.

Also it is not good for their members. They might or might not realize, it is no fun or competition any more. (Although fun has been taken away from them for a long time ago in wars with the huge gap in Fiefdoms)

So, Top-Alliances as VL need to be reachable, not made stronger. Nerv them! And don’t give them those few additional beast levels while everybody else is behind. The damage with the +10 levels is already done, don’t add more in the Future. EVER!

I don’t blame VL for using the game like it is and like it can be used whith excessfully spending money or preparing in time for updates. But the more important it is that Flaregames will be at least a bit wise in how the game will look in the future.


I know by critizising anything which takes away power from Top-groups will make me a target and get me and my alliance ranted at, called weak, sick, crybaby, jealous and so on. As Cromka already tried to do on Discord this morning. Nothing new there. Will not care about that and will not answer to it. Please try to keep discussions on topic and don’t make it personal.


I’m going to be objective about this, so please don’t be offended.


How is this affecting you and your team? Do you face VL during war? If you see them in auto-match, you have an option to skip them right?


My point is this: their spending went into Flare’s pocket, which directly affects the longevity of this game. If you are not facing VL, why does it concern you if they are absurdly strong? It probably affects the top 10 alliances more than anyone else, and if they are tempted to spend money in order compete with VL, which results in even more longevity for the game, I honestly don’t mind.



One more thing

U can get viking and new tower on 

71 and 72 level

73.74.75 and etc levels are levels about NOThing!! Who cares about +10% of archer? About +10% of  paladins?


yes VL have a lot of rich guys, they play game

just think someday, who pay for all this low  poor alliances? Who pay for their fun? They are proud they are FREE players but nothing for free in real world


i really dnt see point here, its same opinion as before " i didnt spend money here and i proud of that but i want easy beat every top base!"

This 10 levels are waste. Only good thing is+2 slot

so i dnt understand how it will make us stronger. Archer( none use in def, pal- aame, barricades-same, cannons same, btowers- rarely use, spikes? Yes only)

Cromka su 1 punto ti do ragione. Grazie a voi "Paying players " esiste sto giocho. Ma con questo update molti “Free2players” smetteranno ben presto.Ti Auguro tutto il bene mal per favore non fora lo sbruffone solo perché giochi in VL. Se vuoi sapere veramente come stanno le cosa fai vista ai “Low” Alliance come dice tu.  E poi vedi come stanno le cose. 

So you wanna say nobody from VL uses any barricades, cannons or bomb towers in defense? :wink:

This argument is a bit too short-reached… if you say those who are willing to pay the most should undoubtedly be strongest in the game, then the game as such is pointless. Besides, without all free players and low-spenders, you would have nothing to compete with, nobody to attack etc etc. All players in RR2 serve as content for other players - content that is created with many hours of valuable real-life time by the players, and served to FG free of charge. Ofc paying players are important for the game, but free players as well, let’s not forget that. :grinning:

Yes i want to say barricades  was waste before and blockades are still better.

cannons? With BM in offense- only idiots using them in def. bomb towers? 1-2 on base.

archers? Haha

paladins? Haha


so i said only i wanted to say. This boosts are mostly waste and other Mid alliances can easy live without them.


free players are important. I have no doubt. But we have 7-8 free players in da VL.  Therw are different free players. Some of them just want everything for free and just always complain, complain. Others just doing best and become so strong as paid players.

so i really dnt see point of post.  its about TOP alliances now get advantage because real money. But it was before and for me its not seems unjustice. Someone have money and spent it for fun. They become stronger faster. Others will become not so fast. Easy.

Sorry, cant understand!

According to Google:

Cromka is 1 point to you. Thanks to you, “Paying players” are playing games. But with this update many “Free2players” will stop soon. I wish you all good bad please do not bite the sbffone just because you play in VL. If you really want to know what you are doing to the “Low” Alliance as you say. And then you see how things are.

Just a little correction since i’m italian i can help: (Don’t want to be grammarnazi  :stuck_out_tongue: )

Cromka on this you have a point. Thanks to you “paying players” that exists this game. But with this update many “free2players” will stop soon. I wish you the best but please don’t be a braggart just because you play in VL. if you really want to know how things are going on, go visit “low” alliances as you say. And then you’ll see how things are.


Most probably its right. Increasing alliance level from 65-70 & then 70-80 in just some months is really a bad idea . There is no boost in upgraing alliance from level 28-56 so flare can put new boosts (viking and others) in these levels resulting in no need of increasing alliance levels.

Cromka, in addition to the good points by Heroesflorian and others, there is a fine line between pay to win versus skill. Is that all VL is? Pay to win? Should we have an elite league for the 5 “best” alliances? Special boosts, special everything–for a price? Alliance willing to pay the most takes 1st place? Maybe just skip the fighting entirely and award 1st, 2nd, 3rd place strictly according to who pays the most?

If that isn’t what you are looking for, then you should support BALANCE in the game.

I posted on the other thread.  It would be awesome if we can have alliance wars based on proleages idea.  Then all things being same,.  All boosts being same,. It is about pure base design and what is available and #1 alliance can still have a war with #400.  Wonder if that will work once in a while.

I do feel that this is a solid pay to win game. But due to the high rollers, game has lasted so long and I have done my share of supporting flare with the 3$ packages for the entertainment value over 3.5 years.


Having said the above.   I do feel that there are classes of alliances in rr2 due to who spends more and that class difference just gets larger.   

Not a good idea. Why will anyone invest in defense ?

Well not defense exactly.  I mean 2 alliances fighting with troops and towers but without extra perks.    More like a proleage setup which is more of a skill as long as u buy the tickets once and play once

I was general/leader of Phoenix Legion, like a year.

so i know how is going on in low mid alliances.

also i know- players are growing, they dnt need be always in low alliances. They need go from one alliance to others( ofc only if their alliance are not groing too)

But we have this league now. U didnt know? VL/AP/RL/TODES/HK

We have our own wars

others have their own


i dnt understand only one thing. Where u see unbalance? Levels? But this levels are waste! Archers, pals, batricades, cannons- i didnt see top players which used them.

why u think it will change balance?

where are a lot of players( with 4500-5000) which can beat me. 

Wherw is unbalance?

Its not bad idea.

but how are u think- if mostly low allianfes cant beat our bases, how they are ll beat outlr bases with no perks?

Well 2 options.  

  1. Exact proleague setup where 40 alliance members have to attack bases set by flare like how it is today.   But the alliance that has the overall better score wins.    So instead of having individual rankings,. It ranks alliances which does the best job.    That way we know which is the best attacking alliance as a group.   


2.  I have not given it too much thought.   Today for eg, I cannot beat ur base cromka.  But assume u and I have access to the same towers and troops at the same level for a competition.   U can setup your base as u wish and I can do so with mine and we try to beat each other all things being equal.    And this is for 2 alliances that is matched up.    So #1 alliance is matched up with #300.  But if we all have access to same towers, troops, obstacles, the alliance with best offense and defense wins.   But this is probably not well thought out

Maybe idea #1 for now. 



I apologise if I have changed the topic a bit.  

Hello Magischerkoenig I am Nikkoesq leader of vanguard legion yesterday there were few players complaining on discord about the ten alliance levels VL did in 3 days etc and about beasts as well .

First things what we do is something for our team mates and what VL achieve we do by team work all put all the efforts all they can afford either it’s 1 donation or it’s 1000 both players are same for us . 

Our chats were having a blast from last 3 days it’s not that we need stronger boosts it’s something all players were having fun with teasing each other and with the competition , anything that brings happiness for our family and team mates is more important for us then couple 1000 dollars . 

It’s fun for us and honestly the 10 levels we got was not something which put us above against our enemies we still have pretty much same skull perks average with RL , APO , HSTS . After top  40 players being counted for war only is something even top 20 alliance can defeat the top with 1 or 2x lb but the problem is they don’t try . Will power if those alliances is weak and you guys are putting blame on us .

We have amazing team of generals and players who are devoted to VL regardless it’s tough wars it’s heavy donations all contributes all puts in whatever they got . We look after each other in clan this is what makes us strong and the best . 

Our team of generals work very hard we spend so much time on strategy either it’s wars , skull perks , boosts , we just make sure no one face any problem in VL . 


About the beasts levels we need a way to donate our Tammy’s owls and howls to increase total count and why not ? We spend for that and it is wasting our money if flare don’t wanna give more levels of pals it’s fine by us we just want to increase the total pal VL being top donator is still 90k pals behind to get max pal boosts and it’s already been a year with that update I believe . Anyway I am open to any questions . Have a good day .


NIkkoesq Vl