level to gear quality ratio

so its more of a question then a topic but im to high level to find this out by just buying levels(that would cost alot)


but at what level does your gold items(aquired on starting level for this) become worth less then blue items


such as a level 30 may have to go up 6-10 to find blue items that are better.


please let me know if anyone knows

You probably answered your own question. Other than Gold boost and Wind at lower levels everything else becomes obsolete within 10levels.

yea but im looking for a more specific answer is the case

like exactly how many levels

When I get a Legendary item (the orange ones), it lasts me like 10 levels or so until I have to try get at least a rare (blue ones) for it to be better. 

alright thanks :slight_smile:

Btw that also depends a bit - I have some legendary items that are from 10 levels below my current level, where I have had some new legendary item offers in the shop that were less powerful and useful.


There is some random variation in quality even within legendary items at same hero level, e.g. gold item A might have base stat 100 and bonus stat 85, and another gold item might have 105 + 50, or even only 90 + 40. So, how fast an item gets outdated depends a lot on their original quality compared to the possibilities of random variation.


And some kinds of items (e.g. gauntlets, belts or boots) seem to be very rare compared to e.g. crowns/helmets, weapons or armor.

I think I wear the same legendary gauntlets since 15 levels or so, because I just don’t get better offers. And, as I like a blunt+ice combo for gauntlets and weapon, a pair of slightly stronger gauntlets that deal fire damage doesn’t really help me.


So there is no exact amount of levels, it depends on 1. original quality, 2. rareness of item/stat type and 3. combinations that you want to use.

thats very true but im interested in seeing when these items become obsolete even at the max legendary base stats at some point any item has to less useful then a random blue item :slight_smile:

If I see a +400 increase in leadership bonus from cape or helmet, a +20 more attack on gauntlets/weapon or a +300 HP increase from pauldrons, that’s when I usually dump my old gears. Not sure about shields but I always just get fire and poison as Ice isn’t really a big threat but an annoyance while Normal shield is close to useless. For attack mods, I stick to Blunt on Gauntlets, and Ice on weapon or stack double Blunt mods for both. The rest of my gears are gold mods with over 10%, while I have a boot swap with 14% speed boost.


I’m level 58. 

ill buy new gear whenever i see a better one lol doesnt matter if its 4 leadership on a ring lol

While there seems to be a certain progressive pattern to the improvement of gear offered when you level up, Granny appears to throw a curve ball from time to time just to frustrate us. I have been seeking legendary (gold) gauntlets to complete the legendary quest for some time. After being offered some amazing primary and secondary attribute gauntlets at a time I could not afford them, Granny finally offered some really really cheap ones. Unfortunately they were weaker than the epic (purple) gauntlets I have had for the last 20 levels. They were so cheap I bought them to complete the quest, but they will go in the back of the wardrobe never to be seen again. Go figure.

its not a total lose tho as you can save up items to sell to get money for upgrades at one time i saved up from the “chamber” over 2 mill worth :slight_smile:


also if you are far from getting a upgrade after a days raids and dont want other to raid you for it ive spent it in grannys shop just so i could keep the 10% of it lol now its not near as had to get 1mill since part is always protected but still might be usefull


glad your playing smart :slight_smile:

Yes, trying to play smart, some from gained experience, some from helpful tips from more experienced players. Now don’t go getting a swelled head or anything but thanks.

lol ill try to be modest :slight_smile: