Level Up Packages & 1 more pack suggestion

Hey guys! How many times did you see such a pack (that upgrades your level by 5) ? How much did it cost? To me , it’s now the only pack that I would pay gems to get since:

  • gold for upgrades is not so difficult to find
  • troops and spells are all maxed
  • landscapes are useless (I would have said bullshit but I try to behave well on this forum)
  • and extra workers after having 9 of them seem redundant 

On the other hand, at higher levels, upgrading your level becomes increasingly hard and time consuming so such a package can become useful.


Also! another package that will make sense to me is one that will upgrade your castle guard by considerable amount of points, maybe in more than just one wave. We all know that castle guard is the last thing to fully upgrade for high level players and literally takes a year to fully upgrade if you aren’t crazy or rich enough to spend 000’s of gems to speed up upgrade waiting times.


What do you think?


Its a random offer , I’ve never receive such offer but I know some player around my level (75-80) that got the offer , oh and I also got this offer when I was lower level player (below 30 I think) it wasn’t expensive for low level only 750 gems but not sure how much it cost at higher level


I got one too at much lower levels(i think around 40ish) but now it’s much more relevant to me. Yes, I know it should be expensive but with a 90+% discount should be too bad :stuck_out_tongue:

For the moment Flare insists that i should get a 10th worker along with stupid landscapes !! I got this offer 3-4 times in a row  :angry:

I think it’s a good idea, if you haven’t got anything else to that you need to spend gems on. I’m really struggling to level up my bread cost allows me like 4-5 raids.


If they sorted the bread system out I could grind on it for a few days and make real progress I could even have a go at those league records, but for now I’ll just slowly snail my way up the leaderboards. Maybe it’s time for an android device. I just don’t want to buy one for 1 game.


I have seen that package but can’t remember what it was called. Plus flare think I need a starter package. Probably because I’m flat broke, no gems whatsoever


The same here… I would never spend gems for bread, it’s against my morals  :wink:


Would have been nice if we get to choose which package to take instead of being offered random stuff.


I would definitely take such an offer. Maybe at a cost between 500-1000 but definitely not 10K though ;/