Level up Packages

One of our alliance member was lucky enough to get a level up package. I have never heard of it prior to this.


This let me curious to know, who actually got such rare offer and what you think might have triggered it? What does it usually offer and for how much?


Any one lucky enough to get it, please post your comments and opinions on this.

I got one day a same offer package that gave me +5 level king ( i’m talking about when i was around level 40-50 ) but i didn’t have enough gems to buy it (like always…);

It could be helpful to you having this " Level Up Package " when your king is around Level 100 and you take months to level up a single level.  :grinning:

Of course buying this type of package is more advantageous instead of buying a single level by spending thousand of gems…

I was offered this package at level 71. It was +5 levels for 500 or 750 gems, I can’t remember.

Wow… that is what was offered to my alliance memeber. +5 level at 750 gems at level 86. I wonder what triggered it.

I got it at Level 70+ and my wife got it at 45 couple of days back. I didn’t buy it but she did and we both regreted our decision.

  • I regreted it for not having done the deal as at some point the hero level is the most important thing to get

  • She regrets having purchased it as gold loot now dropped to nothing as she now is much more powerful compared to her rank. Time will tell if and when this will fix itself…


It is not worth if you are not at least level 70 in my opinion.

Before lv 60, it is definitely not worth the gems. I have gotten three on my account; one was before I was lv 30; back when each king level takes less than a day. Another was at lv 50, where leveling up still is like every 2-3 days or less (for a medium to highly competitive player; I was lv 50 in about 3.5 weeks and had also won the diamond league on my first try - lots of ads; I calculated about 500 ads - 300 for gems, and 200 for bread… oh, the glorious days when ads worked). The last one was at lv 69. That one I am not sure was worth it. In fact, I am not sure a single one was worth it. You do get better hero gear, but your bread cost is increased and your farms are the same level they were before.  So IMHO, king level is just something to brag about until you are lv 70+


I bought once a package that included +5 lvls, I think it was a starter package, bought it at early stage of the game

No one knows exactly what triggers these offers but it seems like taking breaks for a few days and then coming back while having low amounts of gems helps increase the chance for them appearing. We do know they will never appear when you have enough gems to buy them. You can save up quest achievements to trick this system tho.


I have gotten one of these level up ones to appear when I was around 60 or so.

It will take me a year to reach joo now :slightly_frowning_face: