Leveling trophies almost impossible

Hi!  I’ve played this game for years.  Life happens and I would take some time off and be able to level my character back up again. 

Now, when I try to level my character, say I play every day in a row, I can fight the exact same player and their defenses become harder and harder, so that I I can’t win against them, and end up losing more points that I had gained.  When I play more often, I get attacked more, then I lose even more trophies.  The more often I play,I have to attack lower and lower level players, just to gain a few trophies.  It seems like the game paradigms have become increasingly harsh.  

I am not able to level my character.  I used to be in the top 10 of my clan.  I keep losing trophies and getting lower and lower.  I noticed the trophy level of my clan members keeps getting lower and lower too.  I really don’t have time to play hours a day to level trophies.  

Any suggestions besides quitting the game?

The systems way of picking enemies for islands has been pretty bad for a number of months, I also see the same players day in day out, sometimes multiple times in a day. It was mentioned several times in other threads, by myself and players such as yourself who suffer many daily attacks.  

I think that maybe the player base is now too small and the criteria for a player appearing on an island is too narrow, so the same players keep appearing. 

I could suggest lvl ing up, but your heroes would get weaker and enemies even harder still, hopefully the trophy loss will stop and you can start to rebuild

I think the changes to the trophy system you and others requested had some really bad side effects. 

Hi Philstar,  The problem is I can’t level up.  Higher lever player attack me and take more trophies than I can get when I attack players I can beat.  For example, I played several battles for a few days, then was attacked by higher level players and now my trophy level is lower than when I started.  I just don’t have hours a days to play.  This used to be a game where you could play a bit after work and still advance.  I’ve lost hundreds of trophies and there seems to be no way to level anymore.

You could just ignore trophies and concentrate on the other parts of the game. 

I suppose I could just play pro-leagues.   I don’t really like that even too much.  I’ll give Flare some time, as there have been a lot of changes.  Maybe Phil is right and they are losing their fan base because the game is too hard.  Even WOW made things easy for their players.   I don’t feel like spending money on a game where I am losing everyday.

This game is only for active players. It’s made like that only and ofcourse it’s an internet game, time never stop and players who can give/spent time “super active” for them its not that tough to collect trophies. For lazy its a different kind of story. 


I think flare took notice to their league system" i hope so" and there might be some changes comming you should wait for that. 

But from my point of view I don’t care about trophies unless if i use pheme as a tool or need everyday 5 titan bonus.


AdamK, What is “pheme?” 

I do hope there are some changes coming.  I am getting lower and lower in trophies.  I tired playing every day 3-4 battles.  I used tobe able to slowly level this way.  Now, I just keep losing all the gains I make.  I love conquest, but I need to level to be able to make a difference, as it is dominated by the higher level players.  I wanted to get to the 4000 level.  I am beginning to feel it is a hopeless endeavor. 


The only things I asked for was that there not be a ridiculous trophy cap at lvl 130 which stopped anyone below moving over 20k trophies - whether that has even been sorted out I don’t know.  Other thing I asked was that pheme be made better for lower lvls to use not just the high lvl elite players, which was a welcome change.

As for the same enemies appearing repeatedly, I replied to threads (and mentioned in threads I created) on this and supported the many players that complained about the barrage of attacks they suffer daily, I don’t think enough was done by way of a fix to this issue, as it’s still common for many.

I can only be guaranteed to win if I fight lower level players and win just a few trophies.  It I lose the battle, I lose a ridiculous amount of trophies.  I get attacked and lose a lot of trophies.  I just keep losing and losing trophies.  I guess I’d rather quit the game then start playing hours a day.

I don’t know what your items are like, but if you can focus your forging on making one really good hero you might have some better luck winning some islands.  It’ll take a while to forge really good items but at least with one top notch hero you can clear a good chunk of your map.  You’ll still get a few ridiculously hard players, but just skip those.  You should still get enough players you can beat.

I can find players I can beat.  I have a list of favorites.  I just can’t win as many trophies as I used to.  It is like my player was nerfed.  Plus, I’m getting attacked more and the attackers are taking higher trophy points.  I end up losing whatever progress I made.  I can understand why so many players are leaving the game, as losing all the time is not fun.   I spent $41.73 last year to play this game.  

well, i don’t pay too much attention to trophies.  they are nice for the extra gold but that’s about it.  maybe trophies and gold shouldn’t be linked (except maybe in the case that the higher level person you defeat the more gold you get).  If you can find players you can beat then you aren’t losing all the time.  Maybe the problem is your defense?  Are you in a good alliance? Do they have a good LINE app group? Do you have blessings? Have you upgraded all of your barricades/towers?  Have you done good forging for your gatekeeper?  If you’ve been playing a long time then you know all the variables.

There was endless complaining about the trophy system from high trophy and, at the time, lower level players. Every change that was made benefitted high trophy players at the expense of low trophy players, including the level cap changes, including the change from max -25 to max -15, including tweaked matchmaking due to complaints about being matched with too many high war league players. The trophy system is less stable today than it was in December 2017. But there’s a tiny fraction of the player base who has benefitted.

Its right in the middle between pandora Box  and  dragon tooth in power hall.

If you want to beat top players and want your trophies back  you need to give some time in forging department as well as in this game. If you are new find a stable and good alliance.

Many player don’t get many stuffs about Olympus Rising. this game mechanics is so simple. I don’t know what its hard to understand about OR? to win trophy you need to understand many stuffs first. So here we go :


the first thing you must understand. Not all heroes that are easy to use and strong. Keep in mind some hero are more weak then others. Some are more easy to make them strong then others.Since I play this game during 3 years. I notice its more easy to use 1 hero at a time and dominate the map. In my previous account I used helen of troy and dominated all fight same at level 105 with no boost because Helen is very OP with 50% cooldown.

this time with my new account I have decided to use Achilles. with Titan 5 stars he is crazy with 40% cooldown.


this game is designed to be active. So if you cannot just spend 30 minutes to do at least 10 raid or 20 raids a day. this game is not for you.  If you care about trophy you need to be connected each day and spend a lot of time to do raid and gain 50-100 trophy a day


this one frustrated me in a huge way. When I see player at level 50,80 or 100 with 0 fame. After those player quit and think this game is too much hard. Its a mistake I see too much often and I feel sad for the owner of the account.

Odyssey is the most important stuff to do each week. Please that worth it spend 1 hour to do it. You will gain enhancement for units,powers and defense tower. If you have 25% Health for Barricade and if you have the boost. You can have over 100k HP. Well placed you can make your attacked swear a lots and force them to spend gems

Odyssey is not something optional like many think. Odyssey is obligatory to do. Without enhancement. Its over your game is scrap. So at the moment you reach level 20 just do it

its the same thing like Royal Revolt 2. Without forge you are doom.


for alliance with boost over 3 years its not a problem but this problem make me swear a lots since years. I talk about low and medium alliances.Like Fames how many time I have seen a player with level 60,80 or 100 with just 5k,10k or 20k donation. Really? after you think this game is hard. If you like to suffer and play in a hard way. You have choose well. If you cannot help your leader to accumulate the alliance gold and allow him/her to give you all the boost you need to allow you to win all fight.You don’t help yourself

Donation like Odyssey are vital if you want to progress in the game. Without both you are condamned to play mediocre and lose all time If you don’t understand this. Sorry we cannot do anything about this


There is so many players who don’t do Odyssey so they have no masteries. Masteries are vital in the game. Without masteries its impossible to play this game in a easy mode. If you want to play this game in impossible mode then do it without one

You have over 20 perks or around. Use it


Many don’t use forge. like Odyssey and Masteries. Forge is vital in the game. If you don’t use 80% of the feature. Why you play this game? you need to use forge to improve your gear. More your gear is strong and more your heroes are strong.

Don’t hesited to buy the green chests and forge them until Titan 5 Stars


the creator of this don’t have create this for fun. Youtube will help you in your video games. You are stuck or don’t know what to do. Watch Youtube. video game expert or really good player create youtube to help the others. Use it

When I see my channel don’t work and my video still at 0 views. Some player don’t have understand what Youtube is. Many players like me and others have create OR video to help you. Please use it. Video contain tricks,help and guide A to Z what to do. Just follow it

Combo and Weakness

Depending of the hero. Each hero have a kind of combo. Ariadne I use Bia and Siren Power. Siren power allow some strategy to win. You can stun them to slow them and finish them.

Achilles,Perseus,etc I use Okeanos,Talos and Bia because Fire and Ice are the weakness of majority of tower,barricades and gate.

Use weakness to beat each opponent base. If you don’t want to waste your gems

Use the best combo to win

Base Layout

This is vital if you care about trophy. a weak defense will not allow you to keep or up your trophy. Don’t hesitate to ask for a good defense layout. Ask your teammate or if you do a Odyssey level 7 or 8 and find one of them is really hard. You can copy it and try it

(Here you can find in a another topic my explanation how to make a base really hard)

and so on…

If each player don’t use 90% of the feature or 100%. Don’t be surprise if you lose. Don’t complain. Forge,masteries,enhancements,refining items,upgrades,combo,donation,titan items and more are there to make your life easier. Use them

At the moment you use 100% of feature of this game and understand all mechanisms of the game. Now you can win trophy and up your trophy