Levitation Spell

<p> Dear King & Queens </p> <p> Any guess when are we gonna get this spell? </p>

It will be released on April 31st.

That’s a bit early, don’t you think? I feel it might be more like the 32nd of May.

@Aether, can you confirm that it is a real spell? I know some people think it is an april fools joke still

I bet it was just a joke, but I find it weird that they haven’t deleted the FB post.

Its flare, you neverk now

I’m using it right now.

Level 1 transports 11 morale points worth of troops instantly to your king’s position.

Level 20 (!) transports 30 morale points worth. It takes the most recently called troops from the tent and they appear just a few steps ahead of the king.

They make a great barrier to incoming armies.

The cooldown is 30 seconds, but it goes down with level. Level 20 is 10 seconds.


The problem is that all the troops it transports end up transforming into something that looks like little piggies. And the piggies go *oink oink oink* all the way down the path. You can actually modify their oink sound between 3 choices of sayings as they march down:


  1. “Oink oink oink”
  2. “I will crush all the other piggly wigglies!”
  3. “I will exact revenge on Flare’s pay-to-win system!”


I, naturally, picked the last one. When you have enough piggies saying it, it sounds like a swarm of bees ready to sting Flare right in the buttocks. I hope everyone can enjoy this spell soon. If you see a “wings” icon in your spell raid history, you know who oinked all the way to your gate.


Hugs & kisses,



I lolled hard adju, probably harder than I should have hehe

I got confirmation from aether it is a JOKE