Life Drain Perk

If anyone else has this perk I would value your opinion. I’ve been watching my king’s health very carefully and cannot see any noticeable positive change since having this perk. I can’t tell if it is even working as there are no heart bubbles rising etc to indicate it has activated.

Since having this perk I have noticed that the general health increase over time is extremely slow or stopped. It’s almost like with Life Drain my king’s health won’t increase unless he is attacking something.

Surely we should have some sort of visual aid to indicate this is working like the heart bubbles (refer elite paladin). Also can anyone with this perk please check that it is working?

Our tests show the same - no noticeable increase of health


On the other hand…


if I have +27.3 drain it means 100 hits = 2730 of life - you hardly notice any change by 1 or 10 hits

You could test it by standing under a snake tower and hit it with and without the perk ,best result if there is no diffrence hp incase there also hp perk in the item . I tried it but the change is too small to mesure

So what is the point of perks that have no noticeable effect? This question is for Flare really.

So you will have a reason to spend gems trying to remove it duhh

Have it on two items and it’s a huge waste imo. Tried to get rid of it but got it again and again so I’m stuck with it.


Same with me, multiple times trying  to get rid of it, total waste of pearls and gems it came back time and time again, now given up removing it … in fact given up totally!!!


yup had it in 3 items removed it and got actually the same crappy perk on all 3 items… random they say… spend more gems/pearls they mean :slightly_frowning_face:

Wow, that’s totally annoying!!!

Completely B***S***!!!

We are paying for nothing!!!

What’s the point of having a Blacksmith?

Just to drain our precious Pearls…


Not just to drain your pearls, but to force you to spend your even more precious gems getting rid of this crap. And hope that you will buy more


… every time with a reduced chance of the blacksmith managing to forge the item too!!


He crushes the pearls with his hammer and sniffs them and gets a high, thats why he gets more sloppy at his job the more you feed him


Second you. It’s an useless perk, until and unless we are not activating anything. But I guess it goes with the dress.