Lighting Tower (Impotent Tower)

So I have a maxed out Lighting Tower, I was very excited to finally have it maxed out so I tried it!  Attacked my own base ran up to it with my king and just stood there for the blast…


I couldn’t notice I lost any hitpoints!

So I waited for the next: still nothing!

What the hell?

Is it really only useful if you Boost it?

This game is very obvious,boosted and unboosted.tower and troops make a hell big diff

I once ran into fully maxed lighting towers, probably 6-7 in a U-turn. All fired at me at once. I was literally zapped to death. Dont’ know but probably if I went there with the troops I could have destroyed it or the effect would have been much less.



I think each affected unit is hit with the same damage, I think it’s not divided. It’s weird to know that it isn’t even tickling a king…

Yeah man. I think so. Lightning tower is only useful if boosted. This means that everyone who built it has wasted its time. In my opinion the 2.0 brought only new stuff for top players. Thankfully i was been very prudent when it was released. Curiosity and surprise led many players to build it without thinking about the uselessness of it. That’s what 2.0 is,a privilege for the few. 

And so will be the next update…troop donation. Sadly, we will continue to enjoy the game.  ")

It was not supposed to be like that. It was a stratergy game and those with skills won. Now it’s purely cash based skills.

however, people like us who enjoy the game can continue to do this, but we have to be contended with the new updates, which will probably favour paid players.


It does damage to my king but then I’m only level 90. Unboosted towers. As for boosted well I’m not attacking those bases.


the most useful change introduced in this version is the monk.I just love it.Its like having another king by your side.

The lightning tower and black magic are useless.

They are only helpful to high level players.

I completely agree with this comment.

I agree.