Lightning Towers - Are they worth it ?

What’s your take on lightning towers. Any good use for them or is it just smoke and mirrors ? I got one at level 3 and i’m not sure if I want to keep upgrading it since they are costly and take a lot a time to upgrade.

i’m asking the same thing if they worth or not, actually a maxed tower (lvl 6) not boosted, can be easily destroyed in very few seconds with bladestorm, sonic blast, hammerstrike, pyromancer, ogres, etc we have a wagon of things that can take down it instantly…Boosted lightning towers a bit more powerful regard the damage and with more health but they can still be destroyed in few  moments.

Actually everytime i see lightning towers in bases and mine too i ask myself if i do the right thing or not, almost useless without boost…

And your alliance need to be at  level 57 to have access to that boost. I’m probably going to replace that tower for something else.

True, i’m more attracted by the Mad Monk, a real pain in defence =P

Great, I’m gonna save 10M gold and 8 days !

You always need a max base and waves with boost to see a tower at its best.So they are worth it for top players in top alliance at least.

both the elite mad monk and lighting tower is worth all your effort…

He he!!.. wait for FG to re-balance everything again!! :blink:

really expensive tower I just got one but wish I had gone with the monk instead but that’s going to take sometime ? what a bout the new spell is it any good

lightning tower is a good king killer currently OP so yes worth it. Monk seems to be most useful as a back up to monsters. Never had much a problem with it in normal unit waves.

Remember every tower/unit can be customised using pearls making them even deadlier/more useful.

Held some raids against regular, non boosted lightnings and monks. They were too easy. Towers vulnerable to many spells, that cut through them like through butter. Units destroy them easily and fast. The damage they deal is negligible. Monks. They are very fast, like the wolf. Most of the players don’t calculate right their timing with the other waves. So, they run alone and being killed very easy and fast.

Agree with the others here, these are probably only good for the top players in top alliances who can afford maxing and boosting them. For the others - overpriced and useless.

They seem really shitty especially in the 4000 trophy area. Level 1/2 towers are horrible. I don’t recommend building them right now

Quote Aether

"Hello everyone,

Today we had a short maintenance.


  • Blacksmith Meltdown has ended
  • Balancing of the Lightning Tower:
  • This one has more HP and deals more damage in the initial levels
  • The 2nd boost level of the elite boost of the “Lightning Tower”, the “Tempest Tower” has now 5 instead of 4 charges."

Personally I think this adjustment misses some of the point, the tempest tower is only available to the very lucky few whose alliance are big enough and can support the cost, so its a rich boys toy, and probably now OP, still I guess they pay the big bucks. The current Lightning towers would have been OK IF they did their original 3 charges but also pulsed an odd small shock every 10 secs or so for a second once they had run out of charges. The main problem with the low level ones is their inactivity once discharged, they just sit there waiting to be killed, making their use across a path very limited.


But how much of a buff did they get?  Will any one even notice a difference?  

LT are mainly a support tower.5 max in a base, anything more would make the base too easy when raiding with bladestorm.We have a lot of level 55 alliance now, in time there will be many level 57 also and they will surely boost this tower.

Monk I dont know but I’ve never had it boosted yet and they are only level 4 for me and max in 10 days or so.I saw Flothaboss’ video but you cant take his video as example.Everything of his are forged, not just maxed.Its not a tutorial video anymore lol

For black magic, pretty sure at max level they open up more room for variety which is very good.Game already have more variety now imo especially during a game changing war season like uber blaster/insta something boost.

I think free players will struggle with all new things but like always, they will catch up in time and with hardwork.Good thing is that none of the new things are a must for mid to low level players.

In all game, new content are given mainly for top players first as they have everything maxed already.

LT got 3000 hp increase in health I assume o.O

3 days after the balancing of lightning tower. It is starting to prove its worth, maybe players are more aware now about how to place them. At correct places they are creating havoc, this new improvement is encouraging me to upgrade my own LT even if its too exp.