Limit on posts???

What is up with this???

[#103128] The administrator has limited the number of new posts you can submit within a short time frame. Please wait 9 seconds before replying or posting a new topic.

I do not remember reading about this in the official forum rules.

Means that you can’t create new threads in a very short time (that from what you wrote is not described, maybe is 1hr, 12hr, 1d of time - to understand the mechanism) and also post answer in a very short time.

However i never met this kind of error message…


EDIT: OK i understood you have just wrote multiple times the same answer in this topic in like 1min of time

this why you got that error.


I know what it means but I answer a lot of questions for people trying to help out the absent admins and mods. This means that I post a lot because of their absence. Now I have to wait to post? This a new thing oPelle as I have not seen this restriction until after they posted the new forums rules. Wow, things just keep getting worse all the time.

No. I posted one message in each thread, not multiples in one thread. I was asking a user in a new thread with no replies to post friend codes in the pinned thread under General area. I am posting multiple times in this thread and have not seen the error.

On the one “VL friends voucher” topic, you had actually posted the exact same post twice within a minute (maybe some website refresh duplicate post problem, I’m sure you didn’t intend to post it 2 times). And maybe there’s an internal rule like “a player can’t post more than 2/3/X posts within 1 minute”, to prevent automatic mass spamming, thus probably the 9 seconds left to wait. 

Thank you for explaining that. I did not see it until now. That would explain why.

The link i posted was about the vanguard legion thread probably you missed to click on it Joekee =P

Btw, I think in the meantime I already deleted the duplicate post, just saying. 


Anyway, I consider this issue as solved for now, closing it for now.