Limit on the new perks

I still dont understand how this works… The video by flo that was posted by rr2 on fb says that each perk can get 30% increase.

But now my knights has 29.3% speed and it says next level will give 1.3% more or whatever that number is, exceeding the 30% so whats true here? I will find out in 3 days I guess… if it can pass 30%

And what about fixed number perks that dont have %?  My cannon has already gotten way more than 30% of the base damage if thats what it should mean. Why cant we please get any official  information about this so it can be settled once and for all?

Can I level up all the 3 perks to a fixed capped value or do I have like 50 perk uprades that I have to distribute on which perk i see as most fitting for me? Or can I just max them all eventually?



Interesting question indeed!

The whole 30% rule & the ‘If u fail, u will always succeed next time’ rule make no sense to me. So ok I reached 30% on a perk, what now? I will fail? Ok so then that means after I fail, I’ll succed next time? & break past the 30% wall? That is what the deal seems to be now…

If they truly set a 30% limit, the forging button should have disappeared / greyed out afterwards.  

In 12 hours my cooldown on 29.3% speed knights will wear off, will post my findings then if it exceeds 30 or what happens

30% limit which developer said… we can  understand an official message ? Who know?

Do you remember scream boost?

I afraid of upgrading is unlimit … but it is only effective at 30%

It really not clearly.

Thanks for your  testing this.


Ok my knights are now 30,9% speed so there is no 30% cap as the video that was posted on RR2 official FB page says

Now im just even more confused… how does this work then?


Is there a x amount of perk levels that we can distribute as we see fit or is it a x amount of upgrades that we can do on each of the 3 stats? and if either what is the number?

So they say there’s a 30% limit but players can clearly pass that limit, Flares is kidding or maybe it’s a bug? Anyway it’s Flare’s fault  :stuck_out_tongue:

it says 30.9 but has anything actually changed? Maybe you can waste pearls with no appreciable benefit?

I think you are correct, you are wasting pearls for that upgrade Macamus. It works like the cap on skull perks, 18% there is maximum. If you have higher values, 30% is your actual improvement. Developer JanKF told us that 30% improvement was max.

Are the knights dashing to reach the gates now?

Or maybe dev wanted to say around 30% so it can be 30% like 35% lol

I don’t know the value of these upgrades? It may need like 2000-3000 pearls to actually start showing some sort of remote use.

I used the regeneration on the spell, already spent something like 1200 pearls, but effective wise negligible… only good thing is I can see those love sign on top of my army…

Is it the sign of loving each other’s?lol

the good thing is that it works like a real heal spell so you can heal also the troops that haven’t shield

Better is to make sure those troops are in range when using shield. Then they are protected and healed at same time. I know it’s not that simple all the time. I lost counting already when I hit the shield button and then realised I was running ahead of my troops and better could have gone backwards a littlebit first before even hitting that button :mellow:

the bad aspect instead is the the heal effect is divided for the 5s of duration right? In this 5s it’s impossible your troops aren’t attacked so pretty useless considering that each troop we have in game can remove so much health than what you healed so far before xD

A very slight improvement in health is observed near the gate. Some of my troops with a slight lose in health seem to have their full strength near the gate if not attacked.


Any software to record the game in iOS?

It even heals the hero a littlebit, it saved me already a few times, when I was careless and runned straight under a green shower while being under attack by some storm cannons. For us mortals with less pearls it will take a very long time before we can upgrade something to 30% improvements. For me that’s ok.

About the knights yes their stat did increase as they now have 2.95 speed. Since I didnt really look at that before I went from 29.6 I guess the next upgrade level will really tell then since i am then completely past the 30%.  So if the speed stat keeps rising then for sure the limit is not 30.

Regarding shield I feel 1 point in regen just to remove burning & poison is enough.  Even if you managed to put in 40 perk levels in shield regen perk it would be half the value of a level 12 spell heal spell

Put in 40 perk levels of regen in your heal spell and you got 4k+  extra healing obvious choice here…