limit stone purchase

Honestly I see too many low teams that just purchase stone and build lvl2 or 3 towers

tie up attacks with low players and never compete in conquest.

Honestly limit stone purchase to once every 24 hrs per player.

Or how about this … just offer auto-win for war and conquest

you get all the rewards for 20,000 gems(or whatever) and then 

none of the BS pay to win. Sure they can pay for rewards not pay to win.

So players get to play a fair game … payers get what they want but not at the expense of everyone.

(remember without normal players the pay players would leave too ) so stop abusing them.

I think you are absolutely correct.

We already experienced two conquests in a row that opponents just donate tons of extra stone by using gems. We destroy a tower, they still keep building new ones and even upgrade tower levels, while we already ran out of stone a long time ago. And that despite the fact, we own a mine and the opponent doesn’t. I know number of members also influences the ability to keep building (more members means more donation of resources), but I honestly don’t expect any team to be able to build new watchtowers with all their builders for more than a couple of days, every team will run out of stone and wisdom eventually, without extra donations on the highest tiers. 

I think you make a good point here, it should not be possible to get extra stone in conquest at all. For conquest score you need a lot of stone, especially in top tier. In that layer 5 players having max stone donation are required to build one new watchtower. To upgrade a tower to level 2, you need at least 10 players with max stone donation. So when a lower team is having a lot of towers and can keep building them, it must be done by extra donations, using gems. 

A fair conquest should prevent possible extra stone donations. I think wars should be given a little bit more extra, in case of watchtower destruction. Give for example 10% - 25% of the stone as reward to another team for destroying a watchtower. Then at least it is worth attacking opponents. 

I don’t know if the bonus is good to the other team as some serious abuse could happen not because its necessary to win but mining stone.

Maybe losing a tower the losing team gets 25% of the stone back so a loser bonus ( then low or no donate of stone). So limit the availability but also the loser bonus should allow for rebuilding if getting hit hard.


Also a nice suggestion indeed. I did suggest in another topic, to make wars more important during conquest here 


If people want to spend gems I don’t think Flare is going to stop them from doing so. Heck, the research tree is practically based on spending gems.

I think same, that’s why focus of conquest needs to be adapted, it should not solely depend on building watchtowers (stone) and gem donations by members.