Limited attacks and skulls in chamber of fortune

Limited attacks - They were introduced to lessen the burden of grinding during wars , but they also make us scroll against enemies to win an attack as the attacks are limited and once gone, you never get it again. There should be an option called - Include only 90% raid , if any player opts for that option then his/her’s skulls will only count if he makes 90%+ in that raid, if not then initial count will be zero, and also it will not count as an attack.

Only 3 attacks per player- This system is nonsense as we should be allowed to raid a player how many times we want, its his/her fault if his/her base is weak and is raid-able. A player should be allowed to do as much attack he wants on one single opponent , its the opponents duty to change the base design , settlement or improve it.

Skulls in Cof- There should be no luck factor in the wars we play, although the first box gives skulls related to the rank of the player in the opponent alliance, it is not given that you will 100% get to open the first box, players don’t want to spend their gems just for skulls but they have to. Either skulls from cof should be removed or the first box shouldn’t depend on luck and open everytime a player gets a victory.

Yes I agree. I’m happy with the limit of 10 attacks but I want to be able to attack the same player 10 times. If people are worried then use shield on their weaker players.

Its not “his/her fault” that’s an easy excuse to want change in what they have now implanted in the game. I have a level 70+ in an alliance who will get past my defence no matter what design I do, not every design works as defence to every other player you should know that. One member a little higher than me got 7%, some a bit more and the higher levels either 98% or 100%. You can hardly say its not my fault.