Is there a limit in adding friends who give me vouchers? i only have two (2) and the “insert friend code here” is gone. i hope for a reply. thanks :slight_smile:

You can only introduce one friend code on your account, after that, the only way to get more voucher friends, is for them to enter your code…

oh thanks for the reply  :lol:

The system is just not working, I’m stuck at only 1 friend, it’s impossible to get more… and believe me I’ve tried…posted on facebook, on RR Code swap, etc.,. nothing…

call players in your alliance of course low lv. And send them your code as explained above…

I have the same problem now. Can’t get my code to share. It says the option is not available.

Playing on Windows OS.


This Voucher thing maybe worked at low level… I’ve had 5-7 Voucher friends once… But they all went inactive, only by luck I still have one!

In my alliance the lowest member is 3K, there is 0% chance he never introduced a Voucher friend… I think I’ll join 10K + place alliances just to give people my voucher code… :slight_smile: