Limited number of wars per day

I would like a limit of maybe 3 wars per day (2 defenses and 1 attack). What do you guys think about the idea?

I like this game a lot but not when I have to play way more than I want to! 

And not everyone have time, or patience, to do 40, 50 raids in one day.

I think 2 wars a day would be just right. Otherwise  it becomes a real chore. 

“who are you guys?” Shut Up…! You old freaks… Just go and die… If you have limited time… We have plenty of time to attack 80-90 times per day…

Surrender one war then, do 3 raids only for skull bonus or just completely surrender

YOU might have plenty of time to play 4,5 hours per day, not “we”

And give up winning 1st place on last day? Nice solution  :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi all.keep one is forcing you to play all attacks.

Why to limit battles per day? No sense. It is far better solutions to limit raids per battle. I personally like when is 6 raids per battle. In normal alliance they should have patience if you do not make single attack during war season. Don’t they? If you are regular player.

Makes no sense 


If the alliance if to weak to handle it then you are simply to weak. This is something that can happen to any alliance in any season. Limiting wars would just make it a race to attack the weakest alliance on the map and do lock down and hope that the strongest is too late too attack you. 


Wars would become a race joke 

Seriously … where is the dislike button!!!

Good to know you have no responsibilities in the real world then. :slight_smile:

It’s not about being weak, it’s about having the strength to win but losing cause not every member will have time to complete all raids in all wars.

And that would add more strategy to the game which I think is a good thing.

Maybe apply that limit according to alliance rank?

Top alliances don’t have that problem cause they are full of hardcore players but lower ranked alliances do cause they have some casual players too

I have just champed every day for the entire war season. Raids take 3 minutes so 20 raids = 1 hour of your life. If you have three fronts then three hours of your day is gone. Yes I missed out on a wee bit of sleep but that’s because Flare in their infinite wisdom refuses to stagger the war reset time so it is always between 2-4 am my time.

Still it is manageable and I work full time too.

War X day depends by battlefield and alliances strategy. I prefer think to decrease raids. Sometimes, when we have 12 raids X War is really hard to complete… 8 raids X War and not more than 10 raids should be fine for me ?

Lower rank have some hardcore players too.

I suggest you to go blame all the protesters that beg flare to put attack limits in war. Now the hardcore players can’t help the alli and casual players anymore.

Not only a chore, but for a windows player like me it is hell. I find it an impossibility to gather enough food normally, to complete 10 raids on 4 different battles, unless spending lots of gems or vouchers. So even if I do manage to find 1-2 hours to play I wont have enough food to complete all the raids within that time

I know they do, that’s why I said “some casual players”.

And multiple wars were even worse when there was unlimited raids! Cause then your members would have to divide attacks between all wars while which opponents would have 60 players focusing only on your alliance.

I find the issue that causes the most multiple attacks is the board layout. Alliances given ‘good’ or safer positions on the rim should be able to be attacked from the opposite side too like Risk.