Limited time offers....?

I used to get offers of items for gems, but they have disappeared.

I’m talking about the ones that give you a new worker, full silo of food, a weapon of some kind etc all for one price of 500-800 gems.

Now that I bought enough gems to actually buy one of these limited time offers they have disappeared. Why?

that’s called marketing bro


value packages wont appear when your holding enough gems to purchase it


this has been known for a long time and is nothing new to report

Crazy. I bought enough gems to buy the offer that was currently available. However, once I did buy them and the offer disappeared I should have known better.

No wonder why so many hack these games and get unlimited everything

pretty sure its impossible to get unlimited everything in this game without flare noticing and banning you


and it is possible to purchase gems and still get the deal.


instead of going through the gem store for your purchase, once you are offered the package just click on the purchase button


that will take you to the gem store but after your purchase it automatically buys that package for you

Use it to buy good armor from gramy