Limiting Attacks on Players

So, I have been getting attacks from fellow players, losing trophies, gaining them again, etc. Just the usual stuff in Royal Revolt 2. But, these days I’ve seen that some players attack me repeatedly… Almost 5 to 6 times! It’s been getting really frustrating for me to befriend that particular player, ask them to stop it, spend my gems and vouchers on food so that I can get out of that 1,300-1,400 trophy range, and so on. Believe me, I’ve been stuck in that trophy range for 1 month! I just rage up every time I open my game, and see that I’ve been attacked 9-10 times.

I suggest that a player gets a sort of ‘Shield’ after getting attacked by a player for more than 3 times, and the time for that ‘Shield’ to end would take at least 1 week, so that any player becoming the prey of this trophy hunting player could breathe in peace.

I request the Royal Revolt 2 team to do something about this problem, as it has also led me to go inactive on my account, because this problem gets very frustrating for me.

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