Line app anybody?

Is anybody else using Line app for chat, screenshots and other gaming advice within their alliances? Our alliance has been using it since its beginning. But, seems that there are far more who aren’t using it in the rr2 world.

Most of our members don’t visit the forums here so I’m always sharing the great info that I find here in our Line group.

Cheers and good luck to you all.

IGN: AlphaBeavis

Line id: alpha_beavis

P.s.- just one of the examples of what we do in Line chat is shown here.

AG RR2 GUIDE.jpg (0 Bytes)

Many of our alliance and sister alliances use it. Quite handy! I like what you did above.

Thanks Xerxes, it’s good to know we aren’t the only ones using it. In game chat is so limited, perhaps we could start a global Royal Revolt 2 Line group that all would be welcome to? What do you think?