Line chat room is closed

Due to the fact that i wasted alot of money to get screwed over  i no longer will be playing this game,



Yes nice to have a global chat where you can kick everyone that doesn’t align with your opinions. 

Don’t troll and it would not happen


You decided that it was trolling, I was just telling my opinion that you obvious didn’t liked. 

Honestly, shut the fuck up. If the shoe were on the other foot and you just got buttfucked by flare games for over 1000 dollars then You would be upset too. Its not my fault you are a penniless opinionated chump. With a mouth much bigger than your wallet.  You called everyone a whiner and expected us to want you in there??? You are dumber than we all thought. Get bent clown.??

Wow… No need for this

i have spent a lot of money to Red, yes I am upset as well. Everyone is entitled to own opinion though, if you don’t agree it’s ok, just ignore it or argue constructively.

lets see what the developers do in next couple days, they say they will fix it.

I would edit/delete that post - good way to get banned

hang in there bud

Thanks for sharing. 

Tzogos you were trolling for sure on line app and had no reason for it. You were spewing inaccurate information and had no idea what you were talking about. People were upset about the patch and with good reason. All you were doing is agitating them on purpose and feeding the flames. Your comments were needless and your naive remarks in between weren’t helping whatever opinion you believe you were attempting to convey. For those reasons I’m glad they kicked you. Nobody wanted to hear your negativity. Sure you can complain and troll here but at least your off our line chat ???

I closed the line room belly lint, im waiting for someone To come online so i can hand off my alliance and then im deleting the game, so i saw no reason to keep it open. 


Sorry to see you go Red, I understand your reasoning though

you did a great job with red squadron


Sure, look above to see the beliefs of the global chat creator, if you go along with that, good for you, I won’t judge you. 
In the chat I was just explaining, that despite the fact that you donated a lot of money to the game, that you don’t own it and that you don’t represent the whole player base. I put a small amount on the game because I like it and think its worth, but its not like I purchased stocks and feel that I need to have a word on how the game will develop. Clearly I express suggestions but not more.  

Look buddy, you pissed off everyone in that room by running your mouth. So i kicked you. And then you came on forums to cry about it publically, so i had no issue telling you to get bent. Dont like it? , i dont care, the room is closed, im done trying to help anyone out. And make up for something fundamental that this game lacks. You sound like a child telling mom and dad that the older kids wouldnt let you play with them because you were such an irritation. GET OVER IT. And as for making suggestions and nothing more, you clearly werent in the same conversation i was because you drew first blood by calling us a self entitled whiners when we have all paid tons of money to be rocketed right to the bottom if the hall of fame, making defences we spent hundreds on worthless. 

Could i have phrased my earlier post a little better? Certainly. But am i going to apologise for it after you continue to antagonize me on a public forum?.. ??? 

again if the shoe were on the other foot and everything you spent was for nothing your entire tune would change.


you need some preparation H for all that butthurt. Get over it



Link to room. We’re all still there

Oh good, i wanted to leave it open but it said members list and chat history will be deleted if i left so i assumed it closed the group, at least you guys dont have to start over! 

Hahahaha that made my day man, you telling me a kid? Hahahahahahahahahaha
Look what you wrote before, that money that you invest is probably from your parents, so you get over it and again you used the word “all of us”, did you made a big council of all the users in the chat to decide to kick me? hahahaha
On forums and chats we all are big mens, isn’t it so? ; D

Lol whatever you say, ive probably spent more than you’ll make this year on online gaming and ive made more money than ive spent on this game,  just for sitting on my ass having a pointless arguement with you today. Sorry bout your poor career choices though… And no, i didn’t make a council but considering you had everyone who was active in the room at the time telling you that you were wrong. and you were clearly frustrating everyone. I didnt have to. And here you are still, crying on the forums because you got kicked out of the line chat. I feel sorry for you that youre this butthurt over it. Try making some real friends… maybe you wont feel the need to cry about getting kicked from a room with 60 people you dont know, for being an inflammatory asshole.


Keep your chin up sweetie 


I care so less about beeing kicked outside the chat, your imagination could never realize… And the only one that is cryin all day is you and everyone saw that, if I simply don’t like the game anymore, I quit and I don’t go whine on the forum and I put so much money in that I haven’t to do what you do. You told us that you have done this again on another game, so again, everything that you tell is because you can’t do anything other than trying to insult me in a really pathetic way. And if you think you have friends, your imaginery friends don’t count here. 

LOL ??

Thanks detri!, didnt see this till now. Much appreciated bro!

+1. Red grow up. You spent 1k on it by your own choices so just because you did that FG should bend over when you offer an opinion. Your rant in chat was pathetic alright. Pull your head out of your ass, you are not the only one that FG has fucked over.