LINE community room?

It appears to many use the forums to communicate that much and there’s no world chat and the alliance chat isn’t as great, our allaince uses LINE as a source of communication don’t know how many others do the same but would anyone be interested in a community LINE room?

My alliance has a Line Room as well and I would certainly join up :slight_smile:

Yes, add “mordakai” to any Line group!



Going to need more than a few lol 

Forums isn’t exactly high traffic yet not to mention it’s hard to find

Yea I’ve noticed that when I first started

Ok I have line add me and I’ll start a line group if I get enough lol britxxxx is my line 


I believe one was already made. There’s a link on the forums

there has been a room made, add loki-god on line for an invite 

Thanks added ya xxx

Hey :slight_smile:

You can add me as well, though I might not answer all the time :grinning:

Just send me a private message on the forums if you wish to know the ID!