Linear Upgrades



I really like the game but have some trouble with the unlinear upgrades.


For example if i upgrade my Farm the time i need to get a Battle is always different. (depending on the Heros Level)

In the Middle of the gamecontent i have the chance to get much more fights through higher produce rate of food in compare to the food needed for one battle.



the more i upgrade my hero the less i can play .Even if i spend that jewels for Bred its quit useless couse i can also only win Jewels at the end.

And the time when i need to stuck the food into the silo always changes with an upgrade. It its sadly not only up (more time) its up and down at the best upgrade i have the same time again as at the start (lev 1/13 Farm) but with the difference i cant even play one game with a full food store of one farm. (Hero lev 75+).


And at the end there is no reason to buy the jewels couse there is nothing more to get.

Just 1 or 2 Items you diddnt need cause if you play with tactic its quit easy to win each league just at the first join maybe not the first one (bronze) couse you didnt know how it works :slight_smile:


pls do something against the feeling there is nothing to do

guess all players really hate to collecting 1 bread or 50 Gold cause nothing to do :slightly_frowning_face:

and something against the really short unlinear (upgrade) idle time.



(sorry for writing mistakes)

I’m sorry but I really can’t figure out what you’re trying to say

So confusing lol.

Complaining about no food?

he/she may suggest something to be played / worked on when we run out of food for the fight, and because nothing can be done at that time

and i guess it would be great if there are some mini game here