Link Account

How long does it take for account link to reset?

Hi there shoop, I would like to help you but I don’t understand exactly what you mean, could you explain, please?


Your post isn’t very clear.

Maybe you want to transfer your account into another device or to save your game progress on cloud.

Transfer account to other device. Sorry. I Transfer rr2 to my work phone, and got chastised… I must transfer back and it tells me I have reached my limit  :slightly_frowning_face:


Please keep in mind the amount of transfers is  limited to 1 every 360 days**  **and that we cannot offer additional transfers.

If you try to transfer your account  more than once in 360 days , you will get disconnected and your account will not be transferred.

You can solve your sync problem easily via Facebook connect. Anyway, why exactly 360 days? I bet it’s so much long time! If I were you I would put at least 15-30 days ew. Servers overload problem?