Linked account ,

Can someone help

I have had weeks of crashes an freeze issue with the game.

So i decided to link game from my windows tablet to my iPhone

Save on iPhone,then delete app on tablet an try a fresh install.

That worked ok,until i tried to link iPhone back to stats all links used up.

How can i now link iPhone account to tablet freshly installed account

Thanks kingpea1st

Any flare workers? I haven’t sent ticket as they take long,an war is close

Make your request here, Flare can help you with this.


I recommend you connect your account to Facebook on your Iphone, this will automatically connect your account with the App. Log into your Facebook on the Windows Tablet (in game) and then it will say, we found an account called BLA level X and just select yep, i wanna have it on this device. and ta da! I personally found this useful when i transferred my account from my old laptop to the new one as i had already used it last year when going to my new phone. xD 


Good luck Buddy :grinning:

P.s, your old device had nothing wrong, Flare had some bug which caused those crashes,etc. 

Wont let me log in to Facebook .any other way? Keeps kicking me out of Facebook

Finally logged in.but hasn’t connected old account