Linking My Account

I’m Dharetard of Royal Revolt II and have been playing it for almost 8 months now. My Problem is that, I’ve been using my Iphone 4s for this game and now I wanted to know if there was anyway i could link my account to a google account so i could also play my account on my android tablet thanks for the time reading this nonsense =)

So far theres no possible way to play same account on different platform at the same time , you can only play on either your iPhone or Tablet unless you create new account of course

For the reinstallation of the game, does it affect on the account that we had played?

i.e., when we remove app and install , we start from the beginning with a new acc?

Yes, unless your account is linked via google 

My iphone Already Died…and all i have here is a samsung galaxy tab 3 i really want to play this game using my old account Admins. Publisher. GM’s Help me out here

I don’t think you can link two different platforms with 1 account. sorry…blame Apple

You need to know how many gems, peals, experience, upgrade times etc to be able to get your account back. Submit a ticket. If you don’t know what you have, it’s GG :slightly_frowning_face: