Linking to Facebook: curiosity

heard that linking to Facebook allows you to have more friends / new update mates

It increases your chance to find more of them because you will receive more Guardian chests

Why still some with no facebook? easy today write your name and add info and create a accounts. Same if you don’t care of Facebook. Today Facebook is useful near everywhere and specifically if you are a mobile gamer to save your game or add some advantages  

in RR2 what are the advantages to have Facebook? RR2 at any time if something happen you will retrieve your account easily when you restart RR2

2.More Pal chest in a day

3.More Guardian chest in a day

  1. Can play RR2 on facebook

and many more

so i don’t see why some don’t have a Facebook accounts in 2018

May be i dont know the exact reason. From what i have seen and listened from tech enthusiasts over on twitter and youtube i can safely say its because the data breaches happening on facebook. Ever heard of cambridge analytica? 

Fun fact: they say exactly the opposite of what you are asking. They say they dont see why many are still using facebook in 2018. Aren’t they aware of the issues? Aren’t they concerned about their privacy? They have even started a campaign i.e. #deletefacebook

I have decided to delete facebook account many times but its my friends majority of them are on facebook. Not 1% of friends use twitter. So i can’t delete facebook.