List for players that are assigned as tower guard

Happy this is being addressed. But, could you also add, who is already assigned to be a guard tower, in the list? Right now, we do not know who is left for guard tower, until we go to build another tower. I guess we could write it down on paper who is guard and on which tile, but having this info added would be very helpful.

While this would be helpful, and you are right that we do not have the remaining available players for tower guard, there is no problem here. There’s no need to know who is already a tower guard because we only need to know while we are selecting who will be the guard. It’s an interesting idea, but I’m not sure that it’s a necessary one

Cannot agree more on this one. Not the last one but 2 Conquest ago. I never know you was able to defend a tower and attack at same time. I discover it by myself. Just to tell you at which point there is no info about this and no indication you was disigned tower guard. I have enter the map and discover I was in down of the map and I have see my name on a tower. So I ask on the chat if its a bug or what? someone tell me its because I am designed tower guard and was able to move at same time. So that why 2 king icon

Weird. So if I have never click on each tower. Never I will have see my name and probably I will have miss the battle. So its something really important for the next Conquest. Receive in mailbox a message who tell us we are a tower guard and indicate the location. Like :

‘‘Warriornator 2 you has been designed tower guard at A22’’

There is already an announcement in the inbox that pops up when you’ve been assigned as tower guard. I see no point in adding a tower guard list to the game 

Hi Josslynfire,

Thanks for the idea. :slight_smile: This is taking the thread off-topic though, so I will move this comment and the ones replying to this idea into a separate topic.

Thank you!

I write “you tower player” all time in game chat when i assign a tower guard, and when they are not online they get a message in mailbox.

Later at fights you have towers that are attacked,  the gernerals/sergents can klick on this and see it … i don’t need a list …

I need a list of the coordinates when some1 ask what to do … so many times they forgot to say coordinates.

Maybe I got a bug then. Never got a mailbox with this message. So that why sometime my generals told me. You didn’t do your fight? I answer didn’t know i was designed tower guard. If you got it each time good for you. I don’t

but you can see the little tower icon in the bottom of screen … then you got a tower.

Yeah, this button is right above the “Find your king” button that is represented by a crown. When you are a Guard there will be a button that will direct you to your Tower of which you are a guard, this is represented by a Tower icon

True, but as a Leader, deciding tower placements with strength of hero to guard, it would be very helpful to not have to click on every tower to see who is left for guard assignment. 

Sorry Madlen, you are right, and I thought of my reply being off topic after I posted it. Thank you for moving it.

My point is that you don’t have to click on every tower to find out who is left. When you build a new tower you are shown the available members that you can place as a guard. They are ordered from strongest to weakest in terms of hero level, I believe. I still don’t see a reason to put this in the game

That is my point, you do not know who is available or left for guard assignment, until a builder is available to start building a tower. Planning ahead on strategy, it would be helpful. Not necessary, but would be very helpful. 

Yeah, I know, that’s my point though, it’s not necessary. That’s all I’m trying to say. I wouldn’t be mad if this was added in, however, it’s not a suggestion that needs to be added in. Flare is better off spending resources on other things