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I am playing Royal Revolt 2 for almost three years now. During this period I have seen videos from many talented creative content creators which helped me through out my journey. They love doing what they do. I am making a list of them I hope it will be helpful.


1. Flaregames TV : Official YouTube channel of Flaregames, the publisher of Royal Revolt  ( status - active ) (English) 

Fans :

1. FTB :  Gameplay, Tutorials, Previews, Walkthrough videos for Royal Revolt 2. Widely known as Flothaboss. Having more than 17K subs he is The biggest youtuber of RR2. ( status - active ) (English)

2. Pellez : A veteran youtuber who like playing Royal Revolt 2. Owner and contributor of Royal Revolt 2 Wiki(discontinued) a nice youtube channel. ( status - inactive ) (English)

3. ROYAL REVOLT 2 TURK KARDEŞLER : A channel dedicated to RR2 by alliance member of ‘TURK KARDEŞLER’ . They make Pro league videos.  ( status - active ) (Turkish, English)

4. RzG_FireFrost : A player of Royal Revolt 2 of the Alliance 7.6! He make preincipalement videos on Pro leagues. Winner of monthly Pro league. He livestreams his PL on his channel. ( status - active ) (French, English)

5. Diguinhooo : His name is Rodrigo, more on the channel you guys know him by Diguinhooo, he is 20 years old. he broadcast his gameplay on YT. ( status - active ) (Portuguese)

6. Hữu Đức Bùi : Mainly focuses on Pro-Leagues. ( status - active ) (Vietnamese, English)

7. Chocoindustries® : video about Dungeons, Ninja, Yeti, Zoombie, usual gameplay ( status - inactive ) (Spanish)

8. 1st1 : Has a huge 272K+ subs ( status - inactive ) (Russian)

9**. Famon Iza :**  A big addict of ‘Royal Revolt 2’ game a die hard Flothaboss Fan ( status - active ) (English)

10. AwesomestKnightest : I don’t think he needs any intro  :stuck_out_tongue:  ( status - active ) (English)

11. GameZero  : No information could be found on this creature. Just kidding  ( status - inactive ) (Portuguese)

12. JASON WIVART : List of RR2 youtubers and he will be out of it! No way. ( status - inactive ) (English)

**13. Oleg : **A veteran player. Once passionate and still passionate for RR2 ( status - active ) (English)

**14. ARREBIMBA : **He got tons of raiding videos. Enjoy his raiding skills. ( status - active ) (English)

  1. [ANIK] (English)

  2. FabulousKumarous / King Aditya Kumar (English)

I am done now. Let me know if I missed any channel which is worthy to be on this list.

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Thanks for the shoutout man, much appreciated :grinning:  

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That’s a lovely overview you did there, it is really appreciated! Thanks for taking the time to list our awesome creators. :slight_smile:



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@KamakshyaP Could you please add @Invizzzible’s channel?

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I got tons of RR2 raiding videos. ?

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You missed @LacunaC, @ANIK and @Warriornator.

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