List of mastery's for each symbol

Is there a complete list of different masteries for each symbol. Ive been rerolling them for 3 weeks now looking to replace a certain 1 and im not sure what my options are. Is the bottom one mostly resistance items? 

Wow @ataide that’s a long list and good job about posting it here.That’s a good know information for any new player.

Thanks @ataide. So each perk is there twice. Less random than I thought but still random.  :slight_smile:

Was part of the video :slight_smile:


Thx a lot for your work. I have got a resistance perk for third slot so i guess the info mostly correct but needs some addings… 

This is one I made. Not as pretty as Ataide’s but use it if it’s useful to you. 

Physical resist is is the only symbol missing above,and that’s available on the sun symbol and the shield symbol

it’s correct on ataide’s image. There is a shield with a sword in. That is the phys resist. So the img is the same as the table from dumpster.

The shield with the sword is attack damage. There are 20 perks, ataide only has 19. 

This is physical resist:


Nope, I’m wrong. He’s just using a weird icon for physical resist. 

Yep, as said by PanicMind. :slight_smile:
Any shield icons are for the resistances.

Hello, a taide and thanks a lot :slight_smile: