LIst of new boosts for upcoming seasons

Recently Flares asked our opinion for the season that will start in two days, they wanted to make a different combination of boosts for the season, so that makes me think they ran out of ideas for Elite Boosts. Maybe they’re thinking on something new or possibly they’ll start to repeat the seasons like a cycle. So I thought we should let them know somehow what boosts we want to see. I’ll begin:

  • Icy Frost Tower: I guess this tower need a boost the most, this new boost would give it extra health, but also when it’s destroyed it casts a kind of ice explosion that slowdowns the king and all of the attacking units on the map.
  • Team Knights: These guys might need a second boost. Team Knighs would be the best teamworkers in the game, each of them would help others in a small radius (but not themselves), giving others a little bit more attack.
  • Explosive Bomb Tower: When the Bomb Tower is destroyed, it displays many bombs in a medium radius, they can be kicked back, but obviously the king won’t have time to kick them all, as those bombs would explode as fast as Skull Tower’s bombs.
  • Homing Spike Trap: Some arrows will rise from the Spike Trap to hit the king and units in a medium range. It would shoot  in a similar speed to the Firebolt, but not very high attack.
  • Northern Wolf: This would take away its weaknes to ice and give it more health.

You can make the suggestions you want and also change mine. We could debate here everything related to them. Everyone can copy their suggestions from previous topics and post them here. Community Managers will help us make Flares know what boost we would like to see, and so we get more variety in the game  :wink:

how about when the explosive bomb tower rain skull bombs on the part of the road in front of it when it’s destroyed…and the frost tower may summon frosters when destroyed…and I love your creativity Karman!!! :wink:

Krman gots some great ideas, possibly better than those “creative” minds currently working for flare. I hope FG takes these ideas in to consideration and quite possibly giving Krman a Job!

what about me :’(

Atlas you creative ability surpasses all us mere mortals.

Pyrohancers - these pyros have enhanced power in every shot, HP and shooting speed. They also lose 30% of its weakness to ice.

Mortarfied - these mortars have longer range, more HP and deal more damage. It will shoot its typical poison ball while also shooting poison darts because lets face it they shoot too slow before they are destroyed.

Blunt shunt - this isn’t from a tower or troop just a boost in general, it will reduce all towers weakness of blunt by 25% (yes even skulls) because lets face it once you get SB and level it up towers aren’t an issue when facing lower level players or even equal level players.

Bolt chaos - these firebolt towers have increased health and increased damage but shoots darts randomly with fire, poison, ice, electric and plain arrows.

Gargoyle spoil - these towers have increased damage and HP and their fire leaves a trail of lava after the fire stops falling that’s burns the heo and everyone/everything that gets too close or walks over it, because unlike snake towers it goes and then stops for a while leaving it very vulnerable.

Whereswolfs - a wolf brings with it 3 baby wolfs that all have half the normal wolfs strengths, has the same weaknesses but is also weak to piercing. They cannot howl to strengths the troops and themselves though.

Spearricade - the barricades have points sticking out of them. How about those spike/spears actually hurt the king when he runs into them to destroy them

Mummys mummy - when a mummy is destroyed its very angry mother is spawned with 25% extra damage and HP. It is now weak to normal damage but only 75% weak to fire

What do you think of my list? Literally thought of them as I was writing (",) will add more if I think of any


ok, now you’re off my list of people to kill(I drop the world on their head) :grinning:

Wow… didnt know I was on it… (0.0)

Ateam and Atlas, even when your conversation is entertaining, please stay on the topic of this post  :stuck_out_tongue:

you dare tell me what to do D:<

Krman and Fresh 500 gems each for awesome creativity !

I’m not sure about three of these…Ice tower and spikes. Would that mean the spikes could have 3 boosts altogether or would one be sacrificed for the Homing Spikes? I think the Frost towers explosion slowing everyone down will just be too much time wise, if a higher level player has a load of maxed Frost towers which takes forever to get through while freezing those attacking it and then after slowing every troop including the King down I don’t think anyone could raid the base. I only have one Frost tower and that level 3 because I found them useless so if they do bring a boost in i would like to know well I advance

We’re talking about war boosts, so Homing Spikes and Panic Traps will never meet.

About the Icy Frost Tower, I thought that boost trying to actually make the tower useful, because and ice explosion that only slowdowns some units on some radius would not have been the big deal, I guess, and remember you can scream to ignore the effect just like when you get hit by a Stunning Ogre.

And about the wolf, it depends on your level, I think it is more useful unboosted in the beginning, in my level I have met some bases in which I can kill an unboosted wolf with just one hit of my Blizzard. Raging Wolves are a different story, but boosts are supposed to be a good improvement  :slight_smile:

I’m not sure about Blunt Shunt, you’re completely right when you say that Sonic Blast can destroy almost everything it touches, but taking away 25%  blunt weakess to every tower could be a little bit overpowered, I don’t know… Let’s see what others think.

Spearricade sounds great, but I’d make it a change, they don’t hurt the king when he runs, the spears will damage every unit that gets close enough to be touched by the spears, obviously this would work more with melee units as they’ll always be touched when they attack the obstacle, but if a ranged units gets close it will be affected too.

what about me, I may be a almighty titan but I have feelings too :’(

I honestly dont like putting wolves in my base, ogres take too much space and a blizzard and few hits the werewolf is gone, I remembered the days when mummies were always used and the werewolf always worked in my base…

War boosts are supposed to last until the end of the war, so we have no idea how some alliances kept running Elite Skulls, maybe they cheated or it was a bug.

I still think the Shunt Blunt could be OP, but with some balancing it can be a great idea, as you say, sometimes it’s just too easy if you use SB.

Yes when I saw videos of raids a few months back there always boosted mummy and boosted archers. Soon they will weaken either ogres or wolfs rendering them useless compared to others as well