List of towers/units before starting an attack

You know when you are attacking a base and it lists their units and towers/barricades, what does the order they are listed in mean?


Originally, I thought it went by how many were in their defense. Like the first unit in the que was the one they had the most of, and the same for towers/barricades. That doesn’t appear to be the case though. Like I  see a base that has 3 types of towers listed before their barricades, and they have 11 barricades. Having 11+ of each of those towers would be impossible.


So basically, how do I read that pre-game screen? Just how much meta-gaming can I get out of it? :ph34r:


All advice appreciated!

It also takes into account how upgraded those towers are.

For the troops, they’re ordered by moral spent on each type. For more details look here:


For towers, I guess the overal “strength” is considered. E.g. a high level firebolt tower is stronger than a few low level arrow towers.

Though, a low level firebolt tower might also be displayed more prominently than several high level arrow towers, despite being not stronger than all those, so I guess the tower type also plays a role…