List of troops and monsters...

that will and will not attack in offense? Was using all frosters and they would not attack the Lightning Tower. Is this correct or a bug thing.

Frosters also don’t raid barricades, it’s no bug, it’s a feature. Sometimes things are changed, lately cannons start to target beast, while a couple of months ago, this definitely wasn’t the case.

A very simple one is the non ranged troops like knights, mummy and paladins, they won’t target firebolt and LT, since they are out of hit range. Mummy also ignores towers. 

As far as I know there is no list of this. 

I will test that on lighting base later. I am sure I have see Froster attack Lightning Tower. i was surprise to see they do it now. I was sure thye have change it with a server update. I will look carefully the next time I face Lightning tower 

Edit : maybe a bug i don’t know. Ok they ignore Lightning tower like before.Nevermind lol

Nope Froster Can’t attack LT. This has been the case since the LT has been first introduced into the game. And since then it has not changed. LTs are immune to frosters.

Thanks for the replies. Guess can do it the hard way and start looking closer at what the troops and monsters are doing. Usually most of them are sitting around and goofing off.