List of Worker



We should have a worker’s list that telling us where are our worker :

  • If on a tower, how many time left and a target button for that tower (so we know that we need to defend it until it’s done). 

  • If tower finished, a target tower button to direct us to that tower in order to deploy it.

  • If he is free, just put a free image something like that :slight_smile: , it will be us to manualy assign a new tower to a member.

Because at the end of the conquest, the map is so messy that we need time to find where they are etc…

Btw, we should have notification when Research or Tower are completed please !


Best regards



I am moving this to the feature suggestion forum.

One question already - there is a notification when a research or a tower is completed already in game, what do you mean exactly?

Hello Madlen,

I only saw notification when we started a research or a tower. I didnt see any when it’s done. I mean neither on the letter box or somewhere else. 

I didnt check if we will get one on the phone or pc notification if it’s what you mean. 

Hm okay, maybe I am misinformed, let me double-check again! :slight_smile:

Ah sorry, you are right, there is not a notification for that yet! My fault.

it’s ok :grinning:

I think it will be done later for the next conquest then ?