List Your Highest Raids

Just out of curiosity:


List your current highest gold raids that you received from a single castle. (Not Including Treasure Chest)



  1. Highest raid last night 536,000 gold 


  1. Second highest raid this morning 350,000 gold.

Highest raid 620,000 gold (without gold increase in cloth, with that change to 800,000 gold)

Second highest raid 570,000 gold (without gold increase in cloth, with that change to 720,000 gold)

I have 570K gold, 450K gold, 370K gold, 277K gold, etc.


Do you considered also the gold boost ?

Got 600K many times. Plus Gold boost is around 900K.

Well, only 500k can be stolen now, plus Substitution means most probably 650k before the gold bonus is max…


My one after update was 568k before 3.6 Million!

6.5 million, no gold boost … whole tower upgrade one raid :slight_smile:

Bullshit 6.5 mio i dont believe it. Abaout 1 mio something up to 2 mio its possible

Its true, even remember who it was from, end of gold shield I guess. Had 1 - 2 mill plus quite a few times, but that was months ago before latest updates. 

I think it was 770k , the most without gold boost that I’ve got and it was lasy week when I spend 500gems on raids to get into top 250 haha.Going into top 300 I saw 300k base for 9/10 of the time from matchmaking but the base was tough for me to 100% without at least one time wrap.

Max I get now is 669K today morning. With gold boost (54%), It was 1.03 mil


Looks like Treasure chanmber 500K + Probably maxed out Taverns. Earlier my highest was 2.2mil withoug gold boost.

I got raid once, 1.2million…and that guy got my constant attack 8 times lol he attacked me no more. 

my highest raid is just 586k

i remember it was an easy raid i dont know why,just lucky i thought

My best raid (in terms of % of treasure chamber capacity) was I got a 675k raid when my treasure chamber was only at 750K.  (This maxed my chamber, so I have no idea how high it could have gone).  This let me do back to back throne room upgrades!

Actually after you have been raid big ebough then you could get preety much gold but wit a lot efgort such as using gems or peatls now

Don’t know why I’m bothering to post this, but a pitiful 300k out of 600k. I’ve seen higher but will not attempt them because you know you will die in a second.

my highest raid was a 640k loot, against one of my favorites

a long while ago, no boost