Little Improvement in last ninja island!

Let us fight the Villain in the last Ninja Island, the Villain should be like a beast so he spawns after 1 crown and its special ability is to spawn many ninjas around! This thing should be used also for the other types of Events, so for the yeti we have the big yeti beast, and for the zombie event we have the witch beast!

So at least there is a sort of “oh finally i really beat the villain” and it’s no more just a routine of ninjas :grinning:  

Excellent idea! Sounds really interesting :grinning:

I had long ago suggested your usual beast would be the final boss in raids but what you are suggesting is even more fitting. Why isn’t there a boss fight in events? You just do 30 maps and when you climb the final biggest baddest ship(est) you…beat it and that’s it, no different than all the other maps.

Since it’s a boss fight, how about have the player fight it in various forms, like a weak prelude for one crown, another weak fight for two crowns and the final supreme form for the win. Be it less about long-ass paths full of indestructible spiketraps and more about one strong opponent.

Yes, this would really spice things up, absolutely love this idea Opelle!!

Agree, great idea. The ninja events are academic – the only reason I have ever lost is on the arrow level and accidentally missing a tower,  and I am by no means good at this game! We need more challenge, and the early levels are so routine that you can do them in your sleep. If you don’t get 1st place now you are in the wrong tier.

Yeah this is pretty cool. Also, why not giving a pro chest instead of a uber chest when you beat the last level? At least in high divisions that would be interesting

for tier 4500+ a Pro chest. +1 for the idea. For lower tier can be something else like a additionnal Uber Chest or can be something else interesting

Possibly the best suggestion ever!

Genius, @oPelle!

Also boosted and/or forged ninjas would be interesting.

How come we aren’t seeing any response on this? This is one of the best suggestions you’re gonna get! Every other suggestion has a few that don’t agree with it. I don’t see one person who doesn’t. @FTB @GalaMorgane @flaretara, please give us some feedback

Well this one is kind of a pain to implement.

They would have to design a whole new Troop just for one island!

So that suck from them.

Where most other suggestions are about rebalancing that’s just opening a database and changing some entries.

So from a business stand point, it’s a very bad idea. 

But I do love it from a fun stand point!