Live Server Update - 02 August 2018

Hey everybody,

today we performed a Server Update with the following changes:  

  • Everbody should now have their missing Ninja Rewards from earlier this week
  • Fixed missing Healing stats of Heal Tower
  • Donating of Pro-Tickets is disabled for the moment, as countermeasure against exploits. It will be back for our next version with slightly different rules.
  • The rewards for new Tournament Records will now give 1 Gem per every 200 Medals
  • Balancing Changes:
    • The capacity and production rate of Player Stronghold buildings have been set to their final balancing
    • Added one new level to the Castle Gate
    • Added one new level to every obstacle and tower
    • Improved pearl upgrades for damage and health for every tower and obstacle
    • Howl Beast in defense:

Reduced initial Howl range to 3.5 (down from 4) and range increase per Beast level to 3% (down from 6% per beast lvl)

Ceres Pal:


Reduced Spirit Howl morale amount on all levels

- Spirit Health of troops copied -28%
- Spirit Howl spell range from 5.5 to 4
- Reduced effectiveness of Ceres' Troop Boost:
  - Attack Rate -9%
  - Damage reduction -21%
  - Duration -59%
  - Range -20%
  • Barricade and Blockade have increased resistance to Bladestorm
  • Firestorm deals slightly more damage to Lightning and Firebolt Towers
  • Blizzard deals slightly more damage to Skull Towers
  • Lightning Tower is more resistant to Bladestorm
  • Blunt damage from spells deals slightly less damage to all towers and obstacles except for Firebolt tower
  • Increased last level Sonic Blast from 11,191 to 14,244
  • Nemesis: Increased damage of all random attacks
  • Stunning Ogre Elite Boost in offense:
    • Reduced resistances to Piercing damage, Arblasters, Arrow Tower, Castle Gate, Firebolt Tower and Gargoyle
    • Slightly reduced Stun radius
  • Raging Wolf Elite Boost in offense:
    • Slightly reduced Howl range and duration on all levels
  • Holy Paladin Elite Boost:
    • Reduced resistances to Ice and Poison damage  

Have a good night,